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What Is the Right Nicotine Strength?

Choosing the strength of nicotine has significance in vaping especially when you are aspiring to give up cigarette smoking. Both e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes contain nicotine but the difference between cigarettes and vaping is that cigarette contains many other harmful chemicals as well. According to a medical journal, there are at least 60 carcinogens in a cloud of cigarette smoke.

 Nicotine is itself an addictive chemical substance leading to cravings in habitual smokers. This fact indicates the importance of choosing the right strength of nicotine when one wants to say goodbye to cigarettes. If a person is using too much nicotine in the vape, he won’t enjoy a good vaping experience and on the other hand, too little nicotine will lead a person to return to smoking. Too much and too little can ruin vaping for you.

Following strengths of nicotine are available in market:

  • 0 mg
  • 3 (0.3%) mg
  • 6 (0.6%) mg
  • 12 (1.2%) mg

While deciding the strength of nicotine, one should know the difference between smoking and vaping otherwise, one will be unable to know the right amount of nicotine.

 Another factor that impacts our vaping is that there are different types of vaping devices and they require different nicotine strengths. The smoking habit of a person is also an important factor that determines the strength of nicotine in vaping.

Difference between smoking and vaping:

One should also keep in mind the difference in the amount of nicotine absorption into the blood in vaping and smoking. Vaping leads to far less amount of nicotine absorption in blood as compared to smoking with the latter leading to absorption of 1-1.5mg of nicotine per cigarette. The different chemicals present in cigarettes are responsible for this increased amount of nicotine absorption. 

These chemicals enhance the effects of nicotine in smoking. This gives us an idea of how cigarettes are designed to give the maximum amount of nicotine. On the other hand, vape juices used in vaping have 4 major chemicals that are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and nicotine.

Type of vaping devices:

It is interesting to see the gradually changing levels of nicotine in blood with the time that are caused by vaping are slower as compared to change in blood nicotine level that occurs in smoking and hence it causes a delay in subsiding the craving of nicotine as is indicated by the study.

Furthermore, the newer vaping device, available in our vape shop, are more efficient in nicotine delivery have resulted in a 35-72% increased amount of nicotine in blood by their use. Every vape juice has its nicotine strength. Now a person has to consider the fact that different devices have different nicotine delivering capacities while deciding the right amount of nicotine in vaping.

Well, when discussing the devices, the most commonly used device for vaping is a sub-ohm device. The amount of nicotine delivered depends on the batteries used in the device. If a high wattage battery is used in the device, then the device produces an increased number of vapors along with an increased amount of nicotine delivery. So, the user has to use lower levels of nicotine while using high wattage sub-ohm device. 3-6mg of e-juice is normally preferred for sub-ohm devices. The higher levels of nicotine used in the device will cause nicotine bite i.e., the irritation in the throat caused by nicotine. 

Even though it gives good flavor, a user should also use less amount of nicotine (more precisely less than 12mg) in vaping to avoid symptoms like headaches, dizziness, nausea, and dehydration. On the contrary, lower wattage devices give fewer vapors and nicotine. This fact adds another factor i.e., the power of the battery used in the device that should be considered while deciding nicotine strength in vaping.

Smoking habit:

When talking about the nicotine strength in vaping, it is very important to take into account the smoking habit of the user. Generally, it is considered that nicotine requirement in vaping increases with an increase in the habit of smoking as it is quite obvious that a heavy smoker will require more doses of nicotine to avoid nicotine craving. 

Hence, the required strength of nicotine varies from person to person. Based on this discussion, it is felt that there should be some guidelines for the strength of nicotine in vaping suitable for a person according to his/her requirement. Well, one such guideline exists and is followed by the majority of vaping community.

According to that guideline:

  • For light smoker: 3mg nicotine strength
  • For moderate smoker: 6mg
  • For heavy smoker: 12 mg
  • For someone who wants to completely quit smoking: 0mg

A person who smokes less than half a pack is a light smoker; someone who smokes half a pack is a moderate smoker while the one who smokes a pack of cigarettes in one day is a heavy smoker.

Alternate option:

A person can also try nicotine salt instead of e-juice. Nicotine salts have high nicotine strength that may range from 35 mg to 50 mg and due to this high strength, these salts are used in low wattage devices.

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