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What is Mud Wtr? Discover the Ingredients and Flavors Customer’s Love


Guess what, America? There’s a new coffee drink in town. It’s called MUD\WTR and it's naturally formulated to replace the effects of coffee jitters and crashes with boosted focus, energy, and immunity. With so many mud\wtr reviews brewing (pun intended), you don’t have to just take our word for it. 

According to a recent study by The National Coffee Association (NCA) (yup, it’s a thing), seven out of ten Americans are coffee drinkers. If you’re reading this, odds are, you’re probably one of them. And if you’re like me, grappling between wanting to call it quits only to be drawn back in by its comforting warm (or cold) embrace, then it’s hard to break the habit. 

Now, I’m not knocking coffee. On the contrary, I love carving out time during my mornings and afternoons for a coffee pick-me up. I also can’t deny the glowing mud\wtr reviews out there. And I just have a problem with how commercialized coffee has become and, as a result, my overall consumption of it. To be precise, coffee has become a billion dollar enterprise encompassing 1.6% of the US’s total domestic product. That’s a lot of coffee! 

This was the dilemma MUD\WTR founder Shane Heath confronted when he was trying to figure out a better alternative to coffee. “If I was going to consume something everyday before I did the things I’m passionate about,” Heath says, “what would my dream drink be?”

Not only was Heath aiming for a drink that swapped out the lingering effects of coffee, he was also looking for a concoction that combined organic ingredients. The result, as he puts it, was a combination of “masala chai with a hall of fame ingredient list: Lion’s mane for focus, chaga and reishi to support a healthy immune system, cordyceps to promote natural energy, turmeric and cinnamon for their antioxidants, and cacao for mood and energy.”

What other ingredients are found in MUD\WTR?

Masala Chai: a staple black tea drink in India, known for its combination of spices. It is known to naturally promote the body’s natural defense system, aid in exercise recovery, reduce pain, and contribute to gut-health. 

Cacao: Known to help boost energy, liven your mood, and flood your body with antioxidants. Among its nutrients include magnesium, theobromine and phenylethylamine to help you stay focused and stimulated throughout the day. 

Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, and Reishi: Three strains of mushrooms to help your mind clear, your body healthy, and can help strengthen your mind-body connection. Their combinations deliver a potent dose of antioxidants to every cup, supporting your body’s natural ability to rid itself of toxins. 

Turmeric: This yellow-hued ingredient is perhaps most familiar to you in spice form. Turmeric contains the active ingredient known as curcume, which is known to significantly reduce stress in your body, increasing recovery time between workouts or soreness. 

Cinnamon: This pungent ingredient adds sweetness and spice to every cup of MUD\WTR. Plus, it has natural agents that promote a healthy gut. 

Sea salt: Also known as Himalayan Salt, sea salt helps hydrate your body. More hydration means more focus throughout your day. 

What are the benefits of drinking MUD\WTR?

MUD\WTR contains 1/7th the caffeine contained in a single cup of normal coffee with no added sugars or sweeteners. 

“I noticed benefits in my mental, physical, and emotional capacity,” says Heath. “I was getting less sore after workouts. I could eat less and do more work — often times better and faster. I slept better and was more immune to illness. I felt like it was what coffee always aspired to be.”

Of course, Heath’s not the only one adding to the plethora of mud\wtr reviews. Many have found its claims to be a better alternative to coffee with improved benefits alluring and have incorporated it into their daily routines. 

Especially during the (hopefully) post COVID-19 era, after a period of prolonged stress and uncertainty, MUD\WTR’s calming benefits can be a welcome respite for the hecticness of life-at-home or help reduce concerns for a return to the office.

If you’re hesitant about MUD\WTR or are wondering where to start, they have a variety of starter kits and flavors available for you to try.

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