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What Is Family Intervention and How Effective Is It?

By Daniel Clark

There are several common issues that different families face all across the country. Different families have different ways of dealing with their issues and use many different techniques to do so. Parents with drinking problems are a popular issue that can adversely affect the entire family especially the children.

Family Intervention

Other families may be dealing with issues like overuse of drugs and other issues. Alcohol intervention services are usually very effective in dealing with such issues. This article goes on to explain what a family intervention is and how effective it can be.

What is Family Intervention?

A family intervention usually includes placing all the members of a family in a therapeutic session. The main aim of a family intervention to understand the family disorder and ensure the mental health of all the members of the family. It also involves focusing on the issue, dealing with it, and finding a solution. The professionals may also provide instruction for medications or a treatment to help fix the issue. Some of the popular types of interventions include a simple intervention, classic intervention, family intervention, crisis intervention, etc.

Important Facts on Family Intervention

  • Any addiction to an individual or more people is a family problem.
  • A professional intervention of this kind is not only for the individual who has an issue, it is meant for the entire family to help them deal with it collectively.
  • A family is often hit hard by an addiction of an individual.
  • There is a common misconception amongst many that it is essential to wait until an addict or alcoholic reaches rock bottom before intervening and helping them out. There is no truth to this, in fact, it is risky to consider this type of approach.
  • The condition of an addict or an alcoholic will not improve or change on its own without any intervention.

Benefits of a Certified Interventionist

Family intervention is a good method of reducing the relapse rates of a patient as compared to any standard care that other types of treatment can offer. This method of dealing with a problem can help improve the quality of life. Listed here are several benefits of family intervention:

  • One of the main benefits of family intervention is to ensure nothing goes wrong.
  • Good communication is vital to solving a family problem and is vital to prevent any such issue from escalating.
  • This type of intervention is conducted by a certified professional who has the expertise to do so.
  • A family meeting of this kind will usually occur at a location that is suitable for all to ensure everyone is at ease when discussing the issue.
  • Illness of an individual can affect the entire family, which if not dealt with in the right way can lead to frequent relapses. Professional family intervention is a good way to prevent this.
  • It helps the professionals and all concerned develop a valuable insight into the illness and help the individuals or a family recognize the need for support and take some action.
  • This is also a very good method of detecting warning signs and checking the deterioration of a client’s conditions in the early stages.
  • It helps a patient deal with the issues in a more educated manner and be more responsible; Family intervention by the professional is also a good learning session to get more familiar with the issue and how to solve it.
  • The experts have an amazing ability to see past the lies and excuses of an addict and not get manipulated by them either.
  • They have the skills and knowledge to break a cycle of dependence on a drug or alcohol.

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