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What is Epilepsy and
What Are the Symptoms and Causes?

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder in which the brain of a patient becomes abnormal. Due to this the patient shows unusual behavior or causing seizures, sometimes loss of awareness, and sensations. It can develop in anyone whether a male or a female. Moreover, it can develop in any age, race and ethnic group.

Anyhow the symptoms of seizure can vary in different people. For example, some of the people twitch their legs and arms during a seizure while some stare blankly for a few seconds. Some of the people who face a single seizure thinks that they have epilepsy. A person needs a diagnosis for it when it had two unprovoked seizures.

When it comes to the treatment, the seizures can be controlled using drugs or by surgery in the majority of people. On the other hand, some people need lifelong treatment to control it. The oxcarbazepine prices are very affordable and one of the effective drug for the patients of epilepsy. In some patients, it can be treated in a short time like in children it can outgrow with age.

What Are the Symptoms?

Epilepsy is caused by the nervous system disorder, so the seizures can also affect another process of your brain. The symptoms and signs are as follows:

  • Staring Spell
  • Jerking of the legs and arms
  • Temporary Confusion
  • Loss of awareness and consciousness
  • Other psychic symptoms like anxiety, déjà vu, and fear

These symptoms can vary from patient to patient depending on the type of seizures. In a single patient, the symptoms of seizure are of the same type during each seizure. Depending on the abnormal activity of the brain. The doctor classifies them as either generalized or focal.

Generalized Seizures

If all the areas of your brain involve then it is called a generalized seizure. It has the following types:

  • Tonic Seizures
    In this type, a patient feels stiffening of muscles. That is why; it affects the muscles of arms. Back and legs and cause you to fall on the ground.
  • Absence Seizures
    This type often occurs in children and causes them to stare into subtle body movements such as lip-smacking or eye blinking. This type can cause loss of awareness too.
  • Clonic Seizures
    The jerking movements of muscle are associated with this type. It can affect your face, arms, and neck.
  • Atonic Seizures
    A patient can lose its control of muscle which can cause a sudden fall down or collapse. Other seizures are Tonic-Clonic and Myoclonic Seizures.
  • Focal Seizures
    If the seizures are caused by the abnormal activity of the one area of the brain then it is called partial (focal) seizures. It has the following categories:
  • Without Loss of Consciousness
    Partial seizures, it does not result in the loss of consciousness. It can alter your way of looking at things, feel, taste, sound, smell, and emotions. It can also cause jerking of the body part such as leg and arm. Other symptoms include dizziness, tingling, and flashing lights.
  • With Impaired Awareness
    It is a very complex type of seizures that involves loss of awareness and consciousness. A patient normally keeps staring into space and does not respond to the environment such as swallowing, chewing, hand rubbing and walking in circles.

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