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Know What CBD is All About

What is CBD?

CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol. It is one of the several cannabinoids that occur naturally. Cannabinoids are found within the cannabis plant, usually the Hemp plant. Characterized by its unique properties, Cannabinoids can interact with humans in several ways.

CBD Benefits

It is needless to say that you should consume CBD to reap its benefits. CBD is endowed with many health as well as mental benefits. According to studies, it helps you to get relief from stress, anxiety, and pain apart from enabling you to relax.

At Red-eyez for instance, all hemp flower is sourced from licensed European industrial hemp farms that cultivate legally at up to 0.1% THC. Unlike THC, you will not get high on consumption. CBD helps the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), composed of cannabinoid receptors, in pain relief, strengthening memory, reducing inflammation, etc.

Ways to Consume CBD

You cannot consume CBD directly. It is not soluble in water. So, you need to dissolve it in oil or alcohol for consumption.

When you consume CBD, it enters into the bloodstream and reaches the cannabinoid receptors on most organs, muscles and nervous systems in the human body.

In addition to mixing CBD in oil, it can also be infused into food and drinks. It can also be consumed in the vapour form.

How to Choose CBD Oil?

Regardless of the benefits of CBD, purchasing a good quality CBD oil poses a tricky affair. It is mainly due to the market being unregulated, allowing any player to enter into the business of selling CBD Oil. And, quite understandably, not all the products are of good quality.

In the market, each player tries to push his CBD Oil products through mind provoking ads. In such a state of affairs, you are likely to become prey and end up buying a low-quality CBD Oil, wasting your money.

So, it would help if you considered a slew of factors before purchasing, such as the brand, CBD content, lab test results etc.

Please refer to the infographic below to know what CBD is and its related products...

What CBD is All About

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