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What Causes a Weak Erection?

When the penis isn't stiff enough to participate in sexual intercourse, it's called a weak erection.

Weak erections can be caused by a variety of factors.

It can happen up to 20% of the time in some circumstances. These are certain common situation which is found and need no concern.

If you're having trouble getting a good erection on a regular basis, it might be time to see a doctor.

It's common to notice that getting an erection takes longer as you become older. Cenforce 100 is one of the best-recommended medicine for weak erections also there are, Vidalista20.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunctions are

Only being able to get an erection sometimes and not during sex

Doesn't stay for a longer time, the erection is weak

Doesn't give a proper satisfaction and remains relaxed

ED is an indication of another health condition or health-related element when you can't achieve an erection at any moment.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

ED can be caused or contributed to by a variety of conditions impacting your circulatory system, external connection, neurological system, and endocrine system.

Although you are more prone to acquire ED as you become older, ED does not occur as a result of your age. Any age can be treated for ED.

What are the factors of Erectile dysfunction which is non-curable?

These are various problems affecting ED which cannot be cured permanently but can be treated with medicines. And here there are various kinds of medicines like, Fildena 100, etc that react and help erectile dysfunction. Beyond this, there are methods that help in bringing better erection.

Physical reasons for weak erection

Diabetes is one of the common reasons for which males suffer from erectile dysfunction. It isn't unavoidable, but it is quite likely.

The best-recommended medicine for this is Cenforce 100 as the dose doesn't harm the health and gives a healthy erection.

Blood pressure
Blood pressure that is higher than usual damages the artery walls, which might be a role in the development of ED.

These damaged artery walls thin, reducing blood flow to the penis and causing erectile dysfunction.

Disorders of hormones

Erectile Dysfunction is caused by obesity rather than aging.

Obesity always entails some complications, but it is almost always attributable to fat tissue.

One of the best-recommended medicine for obese people is Fildena 100. Though the dosages may vary from person to person.

Many guys suffer from erection issues as a result of excessive alcohol usage. Fortunately, everything returns to normal after a good night's sleep.

Men who drink excessively and frequently, on the other hand, may experience erection problems that are difficult to overcome.

Other reasons for Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has psychological and physical reasons.

Starting with arousal and sensation, the brain cells and sigma both work in bringing a proper erection. There are various factors that affect health and don't help in bringing comfort over the bed. The reasons are some among them:

There are various mental health issues, depression and anxiety

Problems in relationships and issues related to health.

How do medications help in decreasing the refractory period?

The clinical evidence for sildenafil and other ED medications as a treatment for male refractoriness is currently equivocal. After all, it directly targets the enzyme responsible for controlling blood flow to the penis, thus the science underlying sildenafil's impact in reducing arousal duration makes sense.

Male erectile dysfunction, or the inability to urge or keep a hard erection long enough for sexual intercourse, is treated using ED medicines. Male erectile dysfunction medicines, such as sildenafil (Viagra), aren't allowed for men who don't have ED and can't be administered by a doctor unless it's really required.

Side effects of medications

Common side effects for Cialis

  • headache
  • Flushing
  • stomach
  • Redness
  • Nausea
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Urination problem

Beyond this some other side effects are

  • Getting your vision blurred
  • Weak Ejaculation and unhealthy erection.

Take care of the side effects because at times it can be life-threatening.


If you are allergic to any kind of medicine do consult your doctor for the same.

Tell your doctor about your health history for proper guidance.

Don't take medications that seek the advice of a doctor.

Avoid overdose or missed dose.


It's vital to understand that everyone's refractory time is different. You could even notice that your refractory period differs from one session to the next.

It all boils down to a few distinct things. You can alter some of them, such as your alcohol consumption and general nutrition. You can't in some cases, such as chronic diseases and advanced age.

Consult a sex therapist or a physician who specializes in human sexuality if you're concerned about how long it takes you to attain or recover from orgasm.

They can answer all of your questions and, if necessary, diagnose and treat any underlying illnesses.


While more extensive research on the refractory period and ED drugs are still needed, several studies indicate promise in terms of reducing the refractory period in males. Furthermore, because of the way these drugs work, a man may be exposed to increased blood flow to the region for a longer amount of time. Every person's refractory period is unique, and several things influence it, including medical issues, physical health, age, and level of excitement.

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