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What Are Mushroom Gummies?

You would be forgiven for assuming that mushroom gummies are a form of psychedelic or something that will make you high. But we’d like to get you to think of mushroom gummies differently. Here at Troop, we’re not trying to get you high. Instead, we’re trying to bring mental clarity, boosted health, and a sense of confident calm to your life. And that’s exactly what you’ll experience when you order any of our mushroom gummy products online. 

So let’s explore what mushroom gummies are, why we like them, and why we think they will add value to your life.

First, let’s clarify one thing; our mushroom gummies are delectable. We’ve taken a lot of time to craft tooty-fruity flavors that dazzle the tastebuds without detracting from the functionality of each of our shroom gummy options. 

Which Mushroom Gummies Are Right For You?

We’ve often been asked what shrooms are the best pick, and here’s where things get interesting. Like each of us has our personality and purpose, it’s the same for mushrooms! The shroom you choose will come down to what your desired outcomes are. Let’s look at what the menu has in store for you. 

• For A Sparkly Mind and Witty Attitude

Enter the spotlight; Lion’s Mane mushroom gummies! This one is for the Einstein wannabe. Or the tired mind, looking for a boost. Heck, it’s even a good choice for those who just want to be on top of their mental game day in and out.

A bunch of studies prove Lion’s Mane’s awesomeness for the brain, but we won’t overwhelm you with those. So instead, we’ll give you the short version! Lion’s Mane mushroom gummies will slow neurodegeneration right down in your thinker. But, while it does that, it will improve cognitive function, spur neuron growth, boost energy, reduce inflammation, increase mental clarity and take your memory capacity up to super-hero heights. That’s like an anti-aging serum for your brain! Pop one to three per day, and boom! You’re on top of your mental game. 

• For A-Day-At-The-Spa Kind of Results

You know that feeling you get when you’ve spent a few hours relaxing and unwinding? Your body and brain feel restored, rejuvenated, and fighting fit once more. And that’s where a blend of shrooms comes in handy. Our 6-mushroom blend Supertroop product checks all the boxes when it comes to restoring body and mind, bringing about a sense of balance, and enhancing mental clarity! Top that off with a fresh strawberry passion fruit flavor – yum! What shrooms are inside? There’s Reishi, Chaga Sclerotia, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Maitake, and Turkey Tail. 

As usual, we’ve done our homework, and you’re welcome to scrutinize the studies featured on our website. That said, we can break the benefits down for you! With 1 to 3 servings of Supertroop per day, you can expect to feel your response to stress bolstered! Your energy will steadily improve, the mental fog will start to clear, and as a nice side effect, your gut health and ability to digest like a machine will enhance! You can expect your immune system to start paying better attention and your body thoroughly enjoying the anti-inflammatory response! If you’re looking for a system recalibration, the Supertroop is it! 

• For That Ultra-Zen Approach to Life

Reishi mushroom gummies are the go-to for anyone who’s a bit highly strung or just wants to put anxiety and stress in their place. When you pop 1 to 3 servings per day, you’ll be able to reach that “zen” place in both body and mind. Reishi is known for its ability to bring a good few ZZZs to the sleepless and promote a healthy stress response in the body. Reishi mushrooms also promote good heart health, improve cognitive function, encourage the immune system to do better, and help protect the body against viruses, bugs, bacteria, parasites, and other nu-nus that seek to do harm. All in all, Reishi is a crowd-pleaser – in the good sense of the word!

A Big Thumbs Up & Gummy Smiles for Mushroom Gummies

You’ll be sporting a big gummy smile and giving us the thumbs up when you realize what consistent use of mushroom gummies can do for you. And just to clarify, it’s all good things! Try one or try them all – you won’t be disappointed. Rest assured, you won’t get high, but with the right gummies for you, you’ll find yourself feeling high on life (yes, we just said that!).

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