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Weight Lifting Tips for Beginners

Weight Lifting

Lifting weights is the best way to burn fat and get fit. Whenever you see an actress claiming that she did a lot of Pilates or Yoga in order to get fit for the role, the truth is more likely that she did squats day-in-and-day-out. Likewise, no action figure can be achieved without them. Sure, calisthenics are great but how many pushups would you have to do in order to make up for one bench press session with a major encumbrance. Also, there’s no bodyweight exercise for your lower-back muscles. So, weight lifting is definitely your best bet. However, where does one start? Here are several tips.

1. Nobody is there to judge you

The worst thing you can do in a gym is rush to put as much weight on a bar. This mostly happens because of vanity or fear that others will mock you. First, this won’t happen. People around you are too preoccupied with their own weights. Even if you don’t lift much, it only makes them feel better about themselves, thus too busy to judge you. This is mostly why so many people are trying to be helpful in the gym, even if you don’t ask for their assistance. To sum it up – everyone in the gym is preoccupied with themselves and minding their own business.

2. Learn a proper form

The next thing you need to do is master a proper form. First of all, you need to understand that in order to do so, you need to spend a fair amount of time with smaller weights. Make sure that you practice in front of a mirror, have someone to watch you as you do your squats or deadlifts or even record yourself on your phone. The sooner you rectify all your mistakes the better, seeing as how this will help make a proper form a second nature for you. Doing things wrong will also feel wrong and this will help you minimize the risk of injury.

3. Form your muscle groups

The next thing worth keeping in mind is the importance of forming your muscle groups. If you’re just starting out, chances are that there are a lot of muscles in your body that you’ve never used before. This means that you need to gradually build a foundation for your future musculature. For starters, you should do at least one month of basic training with lower weights and a lot of reps in a single series. Even as many as 12 to 15 reps are not too much in this stage. Then, you get to decide whether you should build volume or strength.

4. Make sure you have the right equipment

If working out in your home-made gym, make sure that you have all the essential gear. First of all, you need basic things like a bench press and a stable squat rack. Other than this, you need to invest in personal gear like a weightlifting belt and personal apparel. The right shoes can make a difference in your safety and so does the rest of your workout clothing. This is especially true if you’re working out around equipment where loose clothes may tear or get caught in.

5. Free weight

The general opinion is that free weights are safer than machines. This is because you can drop them at any point and avoid injuring yourself. The thing is that you need to do is let the weight fall. The worst injuries happen when you try to stop the weight from falling or trying to keep it in a position in which it should never have been in the first place. This, however, is only possible if you clear your surroundings and make sure that there’s no one you could injure if you throw the weight (or let it fall, more precisely).

The Sumo deadlift is an incredibly effective exercise for building leg, hip and back strength. How to sumo deadlift provides a complete guide, including a step by step technique breakdown, benefits, muscles worked, common mistakes, and practical programming suggestions to help you bring sumo deadlifts into your own training.

6. Rectify your diet

Fat and carbohydrates are two underestimated macronutrients for getting fit. Everyone talks about protein but if you exercise regularly, your body will need its energy supplies. A lot of people believe that carbohydrates are an energy source for exercise and they are right (partially). You see, there are two major types of exercise – aerobic and anaerobic. Lifting weights is anaerobic exercise and energy for anaerobic exercises comes from healthy fats. This is also why lifting weights is more effective for burning fats than running.

7. Recovery is pivotal

Keep in mind that stretching helps you build muscle as much as it helps you avoid injury. It helps your muscles, tendons and ligaments relax and rest. Fun fact, your muscles don’t actually grow in the lifting but in the recovery stage. While lifting weights, you’re tearing your muscles. The reason why this is a good thing in muscle building is that with enough protein, your muscles will re-grow stronger than they were before. Get enough sleep, split your training sessions so that you let your muscles (or muscle groups) rest and soon you’ll have it all.

In conclusion

There are several warnings that you should also be warned of. First of all, no weight is so insignificant that you can’t get injured by lifting it. Always focus, always respect the exercise and be extra careful how you pick up these weights and how you put them back down. The exercise is over only when you are no longer holding the weight in your hand and not before. Staying safe and doing things right from the start are two key principles of weightlifting for beginners.

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