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How Webster NY Church Is Coping in Today's Crisis

coping with crisis

By Crystal Larson

Today, the whole world has to cope with the health crisis that's been going on for the past several months. No sector is exempted - businesses have been forced to shut down, schools have closed, and everyone has to stay at home. Even the religious sector has been affected by this scenario. Because mass gatherings are prohibited, church services and masses have also been temporarily stopped or put on hold.

However, for the different members or followers of their respective churches, worship and prayer doesn't stop. In New York, in particular, churches in Webster have learned to adapt to the "new normal" in response to current challenges. How have these churches been coping? Read on below to learn more.

1. Tithes and Offerings Are Made Through Online Bank Transfers

Like any other institution, churches need tithes and offerings to operate efficiently. There are still utilities to be paid, such as the salaries of the staff, and even of the pastor or church leader. Going beyond that is the most pressing task of these churches - to assist those members of the community to which they belong, and even the general public who need support in terms of financial resources and basic needs.

For instance, if there are members of the church that require help because they have become unemployed, other members are the first to come to their rescue. So everyone tries to work together as a family.

The church often comes forward to help the general community by offering food banks for the homeless and unemployed, as well.

Thanks to technology, the willing and able members of the church who still wish to continue giving their tithes and offerings can always do so, even without physically going to the church. Many churches have turned to technology to set up online bank transfer accounts to make it easier for their members to go about this task from the comfort and safety of their homes.

2. Children's Activities Are Done Through Pre-Recorded Videos

It's not uncommon now for churches to have social media accounts. These are created for a higher purpose, which is to post announcements, pre-recorded worship services, and even children's activities.

Churches have realized that if everyone has to adjust to staying at home and being placed on lockdown or quarantine, it creates a difficult situation for children who are forced away from socialization. No school, no church, no going to parks and other playgrounds, and even no extracurricular activities.

There are various pre-recorded children's activities offered by churches to help parents who are struggling with what to do with their kids at home. Typical examples would include songs of praise and bedtime stories.

These benefit not only the children, but the entire family as well, since these activities can take a heavy load off their shoulders.

coping with crisis

3. Small Prayer Groups Are Done Through Online Video Conferencing

Because of the prohibition on mass gatherings, even prayer meeting groups are prohibited. But, churches in Webster have recognized the pressing need for people to hold on even stronger to their faith nowadays. For those who are faithful and religious, their prayer is what gets them through difficult days. It’s what keeps them rooted in their gratitude, in spite of challenging times. So, churches have thought it best to not take this option away from the members of their congregation.

Churches have set up various chat groups through many video conferencing apps and websites. Instead of meeting physically in prayer, now members of these small groups see each other through the computer screen. For many, this is still much better than having no prayer session at all.

If you’d like to be a member of a prayer group, you can get further information about it and find out more here.

4. Worship Services Are Posted Online

Different churches also have different modes of worship posted online. Usually, the choice of online worship is determined by factors such as the following:

  • The average age of the congregation members, as that would also determine their overall ability to use and access technology.
  • The means of technological advancements available in the church.
  • The preferred choice of the majority of the worshippers.

Henceforth, all these factors considered, some of the most common forms of worship being made available online are copies of the worship services to allow members to pray by themselves and with their families, live streaming of the church leader's message, or a pre-recorded worship service.


What were once busy Sundays for churches packed with worshippers have now been transformed to empty parking lots with no churchgoers. Due to the pandemic ravaging the whole world today, many who would still like to worship are not allowed to attend mass gatherings. However, various faith sectors in Webster, NY, are fortunately coping quite well. The spiritual needs of their members are still being met through the means enumerated above.

Crystal Larson About the author:
Crystal Larson is a blogger who writes articles about coaching for transformations, emotional intelligence, overall wellbeing, happiness, and meditation. Crystal wants her readers to understand the importance of self-awareness through her online content.

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