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Overcoming Adversity —
4 Ways to Start Feeling Like Yourself Again

There will be times when your day is as tough as a hard shell, leading you into trying to crush through that shell completely to overcome your spiraling mood as your stress escalates drastically. In most cases, most people who deal with an unbelievable amount of stress tend to have a feeling of not being themselves due to all the pressure that is being exerted whilst also working long hours in the workplace or even at home. Certain things can lead to losing your focus and losing your ability to regain that same focus that is required to achieve balance in any activity. For example, in my own life, I temporarily buried my dream of being a successful writer under all kinds of excuses and addictions. I’d say I used to write because I was unhappy then and needed the emotional outlet that writing had provided. Then, when I felt that soul longing for some way to express myself uniquely, I’d find ways to drown out the calling with shopping, food, or distraction with TV every single day.

For many years I didn’t feel like myself and I claimed to be searching for ways to finally find myself and discover new moments that could fill the holes in my life, however, it was only adding more cuts during those darkened times.

I’m starting to believe that safety isn’t what we are meant for throughout life, because in all the years I have spent running from my purpose, I never felt safe. In fact, when we say we don’t ‘feel like ourselves’ anymore, that is the most unsafe feeling we can ever have. That is why, the safest place you will find is living from the center of your soul, with all its personality and uniqueness woven into every idea, decision, and experience.

Instead of burying that horrific feeling of the unreachable, there may be better ways to return to who you know you are. With some patience and persistence, you can feel like yourself again; and what’s more, you can reach out and discover a brand new you during the process that you did not know you could become. Here are a few simple steps to help reclaim your sense of self:

  • Take up physical exercise – Whether it’s a sport, a hobby, or just something to get your heart rate up and get your body moving; as the old saying goes – healthy body, healthy mind! Now, clearly exercise isn’t everyone’s thing, but getting those endorphins flowing can really help put you in a positive frame of mind! Try ATL Physio for more information!
  • Discover areas in your life to simplify every obstacle - One of the major reasons we cannot connect well with our soul and live out the life we deeply desire is because we are buried underneath unnecessary complications. When we feel disconnected and unable to reach our best version of ourselves, simplifying our schedule, clutter, expectations, and distractions is often the most courageous action we can take. Simplifying is a practice of evaluating our external and internal lives.
  • Use the time to slow down – ‘Busyness’ is not a winning medal we should hope to achieve! It holds a grip on our energy and joy as it drags us down to rock bottom. When we throw ourselves into the culture of busyness, we exchange our inherent purpose for anxious activity.
  • Create strategies with a plan - It’s nice to understand how much we miss when we can focus on life happening around us and ignore what is happening within us. Create a strategy of sorts for reviving your purpose; if you don’t feel like yourself, then you can focus on a point in time when you experienced being yourself most proudly. One of the most successful ways to recover the best version of yourself, is to establish where you feel the deepest sense of contentment.

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