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Ways to Handle a Bad Haircut in 2021

Everyone once in their lifetime has gone through a haircut disaster. No matter the cause, be it a new salon, miscommunication with the stylist, or trim that you have done yourself. The product is always the same: anger, stress, and disbelief.

Some resort to extensions, while a few may turn to wigs until you grow out of your haircut disaster. The idea of zoom meeting and facetime, with that kind of hair, can only bring stress, and thinking about going out can add further anxiety to your head. Everyone has been there, done that.

But not all is gone; there are a few things that you can try to solve your bad haircut. Check them out below!

Think about it the other way round

No matter how bad it is, it is not as terrible as you think it is. Often, a dramatic redo is what you need for a makeover. For instance, a year back, no one might have thought of wearing a hoodie with sole boots. But now it is the new fashion trend. You can say the same about a new haircut. Try to look at it from a viewpoint that makes you love something about it. All you have to do is surpass the initial shock, and you are good to go.

Give it a second chance

Before screaming no, hear it out. Sometimes the only way to save a disaster haircut is to replace it with a second chance haircut. For instance, you could opt for a bob or a shorter blunt cut, or you might be interested in a high fade haircut; it could be an excellent opportunity to transform your look and regain confidence. You can also try to style it differently, taking suggestions from another trusted stylist. You can even try different products to give a different look to your hair. If you are wondering about money, the salon where you got your original disaster haircut should provide compensation for it.

An important element to remember is never to let your stylist talk their way to another disastrous haircut.

Dealing with layers

A few layers give a tousled look, but when the stylist gives you shags in place of the cut you wanted, it’s a disaster. Remember, thin hair with layers seems more delicate than they are. Everyone has once gone through a “few more layers for bounce” phase. If that is your case, too, you can wait for your layers to grow until they reach the length of your hair. But for that, you have to trim your hair only from the bottom frequently. Make sure the rest of your hair remains untouched.

Rollers and curling irons to the rescue

Curls, crimped hair, or waves become significant temporary fixes for disastrous haircuts. And they look better than wearing it straight. Even unblended layers and bangs can succumb to curls and give you a better hairstyle. Curling your hair or giving it beach waves is a great way to disguise a disliked haircut. It is also the fastest solution if you have an upcoming event.

As you try out all these solutions, remember that your hair will grow out, its phase, and it will get over. Check them out today! Barber Co Australia can provide you with the best solutions to your disaster haircuts and never let you go through a disaster haircut in the first place.

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