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8 Ways to Get a Better Night's Sleep
(Without Popping a Pill)

Your body relaxes and rejuvenates only when you're resting. And the only time the human body rests in a real sense is when you're sleeping. Unfortunately, this essential activity is no longer as easy for people. The stress of work, personal issues, and a million other problems plague people these days. And all these lead to sleepless nights.

Sleepless nights seem a small issue, but they take a toll on your health. There may be no apparent reason for it. Sometimes, you may be awake by midnight or need to pull your body out of bed every morning. Having a sound sleep may even seem an unreachable goal.

There can be several reasons for interrupted sleep or insomnia. It can be faulty food habits, lack of exercise, stress, hypertension, caffeine, uncomfortable bedding, innumerable disturbances, and many more. But sleep disorders can be managed with some at-home methods and precautions.

Sarah Wagner has highlighted the methods you can adopt for better sleep in her article. Here are some key points that you may want to check out...

  1. Proper Diet

You should be very careful about what you are feeding your body. Too much water intake just before bedtime, caffeine, and heavy meals can cause sleepless nights.

Try taking light meals 4 hours before you hit the bed. You should reduce your alcohol intake as well. Having warm milk at night is also recommended.

  1. Light Music

It may be your snoring mate or the annoying sound of the fan or air-conditioner. Slow and rhythmic music can be a big help and lull you into a sound sleep.

Such music creates a relaxing atmosphere and makes your body feel less stressed. So white noise or rhythmic music can help you have quality sleep.

  1. Eye Mask

If you like sleeping in total darkness, then eye masks are necessary. Sometimes you may be unable to sleep due to the disturbing light creeping into your room from a thin creek.

In such a case, you can put on your eye mask and go to bed. You should also put your mobiles on silent, put your watches and other gadgets upside down, and close the curtains properly to ensure better sleep.

  1. Exercise

Daily exercise is the natural remedy for lack of sleep. It improves the quality of sleep. You will not feel sleepy unless you are weary.

Exercising keeps the body active during the day and helps the body to lose energy. Remember, workouts must be done in the morning or before noon. Avoid strenuous exercise immediately before going to bed, as you may not feel tired just after the intense workout.

  1. Develop a Fixed Sleep Routine

A fixed routine for going to bed and getting up is like a holy grail for people with trouble sleeping. It highly progresses the quality of sleep.

Try sleeping at the same time daily. This will help you achieve a quality sleep routine. It may take some time to develop such a routine, but it is significantly beneficial.

  1. A Quick Shower/ Hot Bath

Take a quick shower before going to bed. Doing so helps you with muscle pain and relaxes your body.

You can also use essential oils to soak your feet in warm water. Some essential oils help the mind relax and achieve quality sleep.

  1. Comfortable Bedding

Your uncomfortable pillow and mattress can be the reason for your sleepless nights.

Your pillow and mattress are vital in ensuring correct positioning for your body. This reduces snoring and provides optimal breathing passage, which eventually helps with sleep.


Apart from these eight methods to get better sleep, there are various other things that you can take care of. Try not to stress too much and make your bedroom a comfortable place to rest. You can light up a scented candle that soothes your mind and place an extra pillow close to your body. Set the temperature of your room that is fine for you.

Make sure you take 8 hours of quality sleep daily. This way, your body will be less stressed, and you will be functional throughout the day.

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