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Five Ways CBT Can Improve Mental Health

CBT Improve Mental Health

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it is pretty tough to hold ourselves together without falling apart. Since the virus is affecting millions of lives and nations are administrating complete lockdown, most people are feeling tremendous pressure. The lack of social interactions and financial instability is putting a toll on their mental and physical well being. People are continuously striving to make ends meet without any assurance when things get back to normal. These negative thoughts and procrastination are drowning people into mental distress.

Some are worried about managing finances, while others are going into depression due to self-isolation. Unsurprisingly, there is always hope after the horizon since nothing stays forever. Instead of going crazy, unload the burden of your mind with cognitive behavioral therapy – CBT.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) helps to improve behavioral issues and emotional state. It suppresses negative thoughts with positive emotions, helping you overcome stress, depression, and anxiety. You can work together with a therapist on patterns of behavior that need a change. After all, the goal is to recalibrate the part of your brain that keeps a hold on positive thoughts.

Following are the five ways in which CBT improves your mental health:

1. Cognitive Journaling

Cognitive therapy is all about explaining how you feel. The process of talking helps the therapist discover the root cause of depression. If you are not comfortable talking, you can make a list of things that are bothering you and write ways to improve it. Hopelessness and disbelief are a classic sign of depression.

Hence, writing down a list of solutions can help ease depressive feelings. If you live near San Francisco, you can easily find a professional facility that provides therapy in San Francisco, CA, to help you boost self-confidence and overcome your depression and anxiety.

The therapists focus on the ABC model to help you improve your mental well-being:

  • Activating Event: The actual event vs. your perception about it.
  • Beliefs about the Event: It can be rational and irrational.
  • Consequence: It is your emotional response to the event.

2. Implementing Stress & Anxiety Management

Most people go through a tough phase in life while achieving their goals. Not everyone is lucky to find success without striving hard. That pressure builds into severe anxiety and may harm your well-being. It makes people anxious since they no longer feel in control.

CBT therapy for stress identifies behavior patterns that increase stress levels. Therapists can help you develop new thinking patterns, enabling you to reduce stress actively. Alongside this, it strengthens your mental capacity to cope efficiently with unavoidable anxious situations. You learn to accept disappointment as a part of life without going crazy over it.

3. Identifies & Challenges ANTS

Sometimes, people come across automatic negative thoughts, which are popularly known as ANTS. These are in the form of images, words, or other activities that pop into your head. Even though these thoughts seem mundane and unimportant, they hurt your mental well-being. CBT breaks the cycle of negativity by replacing them with positive thoughts.

The therapist will encourage you to challenge these thoughts by writing self-statements to wipe out negative feelings. For instance – if you are feeling depressed today, construct a self-statement to challenge this thought.

4. Concentrates On Enjoyable Activities

CBT therapy is diverse as it looks at problems from a broader view, personalizing the treatment for patients. Alongside journaling, it focuses on behavioral activation to engage people in enjoyable activities and ease mental pressure. The therapist plans some pleasant experiences with your friends or other patients.

Another part of the therapy is deciding how to get past any obstacles standing in enjoyment. Hence, determine what activities make you happy – it can be anything, playing video games, swimming, or reading the comics. It releases endorphins, making you forget about the worries for some time.

5. Aims At Restructuring & Reframing

Unsurprisingly, we all see the world a little differently. As a result, we form different conclusions about things. Learning about mental errors like "blaming" or "emotional reasoning" creates awareness. CBT therapy challenges your opinions and reframes them. If you believe nothing can fix your life, the therapist will help you find a way out. You can practice mindfulness to turn off the endless chatter in your mind and build a new perspective towards life.


In today's era, most people face different types of challenges and hardships that are affecting their self-confidence and hurting their ego. It is because of this reason why teens and adults are facing mental health issues. Perhaps, it is because of the illusionary world created by social media or due to increasing competition. In the race to strive, people end up putting much pressure on themselves, resulting in anxiety and stress. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the ultimate cure for mental illnesses, supporting you to live a peaceful life and improved psychological well-being.

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