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3 Ways to Battle Fatigue in the New Year

Ways to Battle Fatigue

If only for a few moments, consider all you experienced in 2022. It was certainly unique to say the least. But, if it was anything like the year most people had, you dealt with an element of constant exhaustion - no matter if you were working or spending time with people you value. Obviously, this is a less than ideal way to experience life. Additionally, fatigue brings with it a lack of focus, effort, and even care. Seeing as even an inkling of these behaviors will quickly unravel the fabric of your life, it stands to reason you should attempt all you can to avoid fatigue. But, like many things in life, this is easier said than done. There are a litany of ideas out there for avoiding fatigue - to the point where you might experience fatigue trying to understand everything. To help you avoid this outcome, we have put together a short list of refreshing ideas which you will find below. For instance, did you know a 5 day cleanse can greatly reduce fatigue? No? Well then, let’s kick this thing off talking about cleanses.

1. Try a Cleanse

For those who feel they lack total clarity on the definition of a cleanse, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in these feelings. This is due to the inherent nature of cleanses - there are many unique ideas for the practical steps of the cleanses themselves. Additionally, a cleanse which suits every person simply does not exist. These two facts are enough to make a head spin so to be blunt - a cleanse is a short-term, personal lifestyle adjustment with the desired outcome being the total removal of toxins from your own body.

But how does the removal of toxins help you fight off fatigue? Well, think of it as so - toxins, generally speaking, are one of the largest factors in the existence and persistence of your fatigue. Your body is spending its energy removing harmful substances, preventing it from engaging elsewhere. By ridding yourself of them entirely, that constant energy drain is no longer an issue. Leaving you with that much more energy to make use of.

2. Regular Exercise

The idea of wearing yourself out through exercise may not inspire thoughts of a fatigue-less life. However, if you are consistent in your efforts to be physically active, you might be surprised at the results. See, the human body is maybe the most adaptive system on the planet. No matter what humans around the world have thrown at it, the body seems to find a way. The comparisons this fact draws are numerous but maybe the most pertinent is to that of weightlifters. At one point in any of these athletes' lives, they were not built like Greek gods. Hardly. In truth, there was a time where they were as physically impressive as the person next to them. But, through continuous and intentional efforts, their bodies adapted to better perform what was being asked of it - lifting heavier weights.

After all that, the idea of regular physical exercise should make a bit more sense. Instead of waiting around in hopes that your body will suddenly start creating more energy, you must step out and create it yourself. The beauty of this is that you have total control over the manner in which you engage in physical activity. It can look like whatever you want it to!

3. Create a Sleep Schedule

That being said, not every aspect of your ongoing battle against fatigue is as flexible in nature as regular exercise. Sleep is one such aspect. Despite your best efforts, ideas, and possibly even chemical influences, to overcome the need for sleep, your body needs it. Without it, even the most simple of tasks will begin to feel overwhelming. And not just any amount of rest - a requisite and even, physician recommended, amount of rest. Regardless of who you are and what you do on a day-to-day basis, your body will not be at peak operating capacity without at least seven hours of sleep.

Unfortunately, most people struggle to meet this threshold which is why so many deal with fatigue as a result. Instead of dealing with the aftermath, why not cut the problem off at the source by sleeping enough? Realistically speaking, this does not happen without deliberate planning on your end. You must set aside seven or more hours for sleep alone - that does not include the time it takes to prepare for bed or look at your phone. You might take this a step further and create an entire sleep schedule. So long as you get enough sleep, how you get there does not matter.

Hopefully, the ideas above have inspired you to meet the fatigue head-on this New Year. It is never going to be an easy battle. But, with a little more research, some planning, and a dash of practicality, you will soon find yourself not even thinking about fatigue.

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