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Wake Up Motivation Tips to Help You Seize the Day

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According to a recent survey, it takes the average American more than 20 minutes to wake up and get out of bed every morning. About 50% of people reported "feeling too comfortable" in their beds as their top reason for not being able to get up sooner.

Does this sound like you? If so, it's time for you to switch your wake up routine. You should always wake up refreshed and ready to start your day, and if you're not doing that right now, you need to make a change ASAP.

There are some wake up motivation tips that you can begin putting to good use to get your days off to a better start from now on. They're perfect for those who are trying to figure out how to wake up not tired and in a better mood.

Here is how you can start seizing the day each and every morning as you move forward.

Begin by Getting to Bed at a Reasonable Time Every Night

You're not going to be able to wake up at the crack of dawn every morning if you're burning the midnight oil every night. There are very few people who can wake up without a care in the world after going to bed late at night.

With this in mind, you should make it a point to get to bed at a reasonable time every single night. Furthermore, you should try and climb into bed to go to sleep at the same time every night to get your body into a routine.

You can check out all the wake up motivation tips in the world, but they won't do you much good if you're not willing to go to bed each night at a decent hour. Make sure you get enough sleep and use your recommended sleep position to sleep well at night.

Set a Single Alarm for Whatever Time Works Best for You in the Morning

Most people need some kind of alarm to help them wake up in the morning. Over time, you might be able to get into the habit of waking up early without one. But to start, you should have one alarm set to wake you up.

You should set your alarm for the time that works best for you. It should be early enough to give you time to prepare for your day but not so early that you're setting yourself up to fail.

You should also avoid setting multiple alarms to go off at all different times. All that that's going to do is make it feel like you have the option to climb back into bed after each alarm goes off since you'll know another one is on the way.

Surround Yourself With Things That Are Guaranteed to Inspire You in Your Bedroom

When you wake up in the morning, some of the first things that you see should serve as motivation for you to get up and stay up. You should line your walls with motivational sayings and quotes that are guaranteed to inspire you from the second you open your eyes.

You should also update these sayings and quotes every so often so that they don't get stale. There is a better chance of you staying up in the morning and feeling good about it when you're surrounded by things that will inspire and motivate you.

Have a Plan in Place for Your Mornings Ahead of Time

If you don't know what you're going to be doing on any given morning, you won't have much motivation to wake up and seize the day. It'll help you to have some kind of plan in place so that you know what you'll be doing each morning.

For some people, that will mean planning to get up, shower, and eat breakfast before heading off for work. For others, it'll mean squeezing a wake up workout in first thing in the morning and then showering before going to work and eating breakfast there.

You can do whatever you want in the morning. But it's imperative for you to have something to look forward to so that you're not tempted to climb back into bed.

Find Someone Who Can Help Hold You Accountable for Waking Up

Is there someone that you can count on to help you wake up in the morning?

Maybe your spouse or your kids can give you a wake-up call and make sure that you don't fall back to sleep. Or maybe a good friend or a coworker can call you on the phone and tell you that it's time to get up and get moving.

When you know that someone is going to hold you accountable for waking up, you'll be more likely to do it. You won't want to let them down on any morning.

Forgive Yourself If You Fail and Don't Wake Up When You Want to Each Day

There are inevitably going to be times when you're not going to be able to wake up in the morning no matter how hard you try. Don't beat yourself up on these days!

Instead, vow to wake up feeling more refreshed the following day. You're not always going to have the wake up motivation that you need. But the key is to try to have more good mornings than bad ones over the course of time.

Put These Wake Up Motivation Tips to the Test Tomorrow Morning

Have you traditionally struggled when it comes to waking up in the morning? If you have, you should try to put at least a few of these wake up motivation tips to the test tomorrow morning to see how well they work for you.

Not everyone is a morning person. But almost anyone can tinker around with their schedule and find a way to make their mornings more pleasant. You can do it by utilizing the tips found here.

Take a look at our blog to get some great advice on getting a better night's sleep so that you have an easier time waking up every morning.

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