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A Visual Guide to Impotence

What is erectile dysfunction? 

Erectile dysfunction is a health concern that occurs in men. Ones who are affected with ED are known to have less or no erection. When a man offers erectile dysfunction he is known to bear a painful erection. 

Do only men suffer through this problem?

Yes, women do not undergo this problem of erectile dysfunction; this is a disease that occurs in only men.

What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

  • A painful erection or no erection:
    A painful erection or no erection are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction however, in the beginning, it is said that you want to undergo many symptoms and there will be a slight difference when you undergo an erection. If you notice any of the differences in erection then you can get yourself diagnosed and detect the cause of this problem. 
  • You erect it anyhow but you are unable to retain it: 
    You erect it anyhow but if it seems impossible for you to retain it as you used to do previously then it's the precise time to visit a specialist. Multiple men try hard to erect and become successful, however, if affected by ED they aren't capable of maintaining it for a longer period. You can go for medications like Fildena 100 and Cenforce 200
  • You feel like zero or less sexual desire: 
    When you feel zero or no sexual desire then it is an indication of ED. You and your partner can have a word together on this topic and determine an accurate solution for this topic. Being away from your sexual life is said that your bond slows down a bit. You can clarify these things to your partner and move to the doctor together to gain appropriate solutions. 

How to diagnose erectile dysfunction?

Diagnosing a disease is known to be half cured. You need to understand that being diagnosed at an early stage will help you get rid of things earlier. 

  • Physical examination:
    By conducting physical examinations a person can get himself diagnosed whether is suffering from erectile dysfunction or not. They test your penis and detect by these physical tests at what level you are affected by it. And if yes then at what stage. This will assist your doctor in understanding and treating the problem well. 
  • Ultrasound:
    When a person is diagnosed with erectile dysfunction it is said that blood flow to the penis is reduced and thus it becomes difficult in erecting it. In ultrasound, the specialist can understand well whether the blood flow in the penis is proper or not. If not then you can treat yourself and go for the best medications Vidalista 20
  • Blood tests: 
    Blood tests are the way through which you can detect erectile dysfunction. By this means you can easily detect if your testosterone levels are high or not. Your diabetes levels can also be detected through this. 
  • Psychological tests: 
    A person who suffers from erectile dysfunction is known to undergo anxiety, stress and depression. By questioning specific questions related to these aspects they can determine the level by which you are affected by ED. They feel that their self-esteem gets blown away. By getting yourself tested by a psychologist you can understand the level of effect on your body and mind. 
  • Urine tests: 
    With the help of urine tests, you can determine whether you are affected by chronic diseases like diabetes or not. Through this, a person can identify the underlying cause of yours of being affected by erectile dysfunction.

What are the natural ways to cure erectile dysfunction? 

  • Losing weight:
    Obesity has become a disease nowadays if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then by losing weight you can treat the underlying cause in very few days you will not see any positive changes and erectile dysfunction will vanish away.
  • Switching towards a healthy diet: 
    By switching towards a healthy diet you can get rid of any kind of problem. We become what we eat. It is a popular saying that our skin, hair and nails depict our health. Make certain that you don't consume junk food or stay on a high glycemic index diet. Being on a healthy diet will help you enhance your health and it will keep you energetic all the time.
  • Staying positive:

    Being positive and staying positive from over the mouth is essential since what we think we become. When we say positive and practice good affirmations we vibrate good energy which is essential. It's important to understand that when our mind is negative we do not achieve what we are striving hard for. So, do not self-question or self-doubt and just be positively related to every aspect. Check here: Hotmedz.

Wrapping up 

In this article, you will come across multiple facts which are known to benefit us when implemented in our life. Let's take charge of our health and be positive. In this you will come across ways to diagnose erectile dysfunction and more related to it.

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