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Vapors & Flavors: 5 Kinds of
Vaporizers You Must Know

Vapors & Flavors

If you are looking for useful information about vaporizers, then this read is for you! Vaporizers or "vapes" in short are so popular around the world. Young adults commonly use them as a healthier alternative for smoking. With that said, the use of vaporizers has been beneficial, especially to people who are having a hard time trying to quit tobacco smoking.

Though vaporizers are commonly used as an alternative for smoking, some vaporizers produce different kinds of scents from cannabis or various types of vape juice that make the user feel good and relaxed. To know more about them, listed below are some types of vaporizers that you can try using to relax and chill.

Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers are one of the best vaporizers out there. It's one of the trendy types of vaporizers where you can enjoy the scent of your favorite herbs like cannabis. This type of vaporizer is typically large and usually has different types of features depending on the kind. Thus, it would be wise to choose the best type of desktop vaporizer if you want to get high-quality vapor.

If you're wondering what's the leading desktop vaporizer today, you're about to know it! One of the top-tier and best kinds of desktop vapes is the Volcano vaporizer, which you can order and purchase online. If you're asking yourself “Should I buy a volcano on amazon?” Well, it's probably the best choice and best decision you can make if you're looking for a high-standard, top of the line desktop vaporizer.

So how does a desktop vaporizer work? Desktop vaporizer relies on electricity, so you need it plugged into the power outlet to make it function. With that said, they have an unlimited source of consistent power, which can produce vast amounts of vapor.

To produce the vapor of the herb, desktop vaporizers like the Volcano vape use a forced-air system. An attached fan inside the vaporizer pushes hot air to the herbs, thereby heating these herbs through convection heating.

When the hot air warms the herbs, it produces an excellent stream of vapor that can be pulled out via a balloon bag or, in some cases, inhaled using a whip attachment, depending on the user's preference. Desktop vapes may be one of the most powerful vaporizers out there, but it's not something to worry about, for you can adjust it to your most preferred temperature just the way you want it.

Box Mods Vapes

Box mod vaporizers are also known as one of the powerhouses of vaporizers. It is called box mod for its shape is like a box which you can easily handle while vaping. It has a bigger battery that provides more power than pen vaporizes and other smaller types of vape.

Box mod vapes function the same way as other portable vapes. Its large battery can provide enough power to heat the cotton attached to the coil. When the coil heats up, the vape juice inside the cotton produces a fair amount of vapor for the user to inhale through the mouth.

Pod Vapes

A pod vape's system almost likely falls between a vape pen and a box mod. Its power supply is the same as a box mod, and its portable handle is most likely closer to a vape pen. Meaning, you can enjoy excellent vapor and an easy-to-handle vape experience.

Pod vapes typically have two kinds, a closed vape pod, and an open vape pod. In an open vape pod type, you can manually refill any juice that you want. While in a closed vape pod, you can use juice-filled cartridges of your choice. You have to replace any liquid you want by changing its cartridge.

Nicotine Vapes

Another type of popular vaporizer is the nicotine vape, also termed e-cigarette in some places and most commonly used by adults. So how does nicotine vapes work? Nicotine vapes are usually powered by batteries, which you can recharge from time to time.

This vape works by heating a liquid substance called "e-liquid" containing nicotine, which is placed inside the juice cartridge, tank, or pod. The atomizer powered by the battery heats the e-liquid until the substance produces aerosol, which can then be inhaled & exhaled.

Typically, nicotine vapes are used as the best alternatives or substitutes by hard tobacco smokers trying to slow down their tobacco addiction and gradually transition to stop smoking or use other types of vaporizers safer than tobacco. Go to for more detailed information before making any purchase.

Pen Vaporizers

Another type of popular vaporizer is the pen vaporizer, or "vape pen." Vape pens are a portable type of vape. You can choose any kind of juices you want, or, for some, nicotine.

Usually, vape pens use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The rechargeable battery provides power to the atomizer, which heats the juice or nicotine inside the cartridge until good vapor comes out. Typically pen vapes are beneficial for some people. They use vape pens as a substitute to transition from smoking tobacco.


The vaporizers mentioned above are by far listed as the popular vapes that are enjoyed today. Though they generally function almost the same, their small differences are what makes them unique and special. With that said, being familiar with their differences will help you identify which one would best fit your lifestyle.

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