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Why Is Vaping Weed Better Than Smoking?

In states where weed has become legal, manufacturers mostly sell it in three forms- vapes, edibles, and smoking. Users mostly smoke or vape weed, but vaping is considered a better option than smoking.

Smoking Weed

To inhale the smoke of any form is unhealthy for lung health. Most people that take weed hold smoke in the lungs much longer than those who smoke tobacco, thus being at the risk of tar exposure that harms the lungs. Below are a few adverse effects of chronic weed smoking,

  • Cough
  • Wheezing
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Weakened immune system
  • Excessive production of mucus
  • The chance to develop respiratory tract infections
  • Risk of infections in people that are immune-compromised like people with HIV
  • Air pockets between lungs and the chest wall and also between the lungs

Vaping Weed

To vape, weed includes inhaling heated oil with a vaporizing device called an e-cigarette. It also refers to utilizing a vaporizer to produce vapor, mostly from plant materials that are dried. Vaping often is considered a safer and better choice than smoking as here smoke is not inhaled. To vape, weed is a contemporary substitute for smoking it. Vaporization is a process to heat weed to a specific temperature in a vaporizer below the combustion point. It produces streams of vapor, which users inhale with a bag or mouthpiece.

Why is Vaping Healthier than Smoking Weed?

Smoking in any form, including smoking weed, will produce tar and different harmful forms of byproducts. Be it with a ten-foot bong, pipe, joint, or a bubbler; it relies on combustion. On the contrary, there is proof that vaping weed is about 95% safer than smoking it. Vaporization is a highly recommended method to administer medicinal weed. Vaping is better for the health as it does not need an open flame. Thus for people that love dry herbs and are health conscious, vaping weed will be a no-brainer.

Benefits of Vaping Weed

A key reason to vape weed over smoking will be for your health, yet it also has an array of additional benefits. Vaping weed will enable you to taste the higher distinction between strains. It will provide control over temperature. Above all, when you buy weed online, it will be discreet and more convenient.

  • Pronounced Flavor - Typically, vaping weed will produce a more pronounced flavor over smoking. The best part you can taste the individual cannabinoid profiles and terpenes of every strain distinctly. In the case of smoking, it will obliterate the subtle nuances and taste between strains. Yet, at the end of the vaping session, the flavor may diminish.
  • Control over Temperature - The majority of weed vaporizers come with adjustable heat settings, which can help you to control the temperature all through the session. You will need some experience to get the ideal temperature for vaping, yet this can produce different effects from mellow and uplift to a higher intense euphoric experience.
  • No Matches/Lighter needed - A vaporizer will not need any external heat source, which means there will not be any incident where you remain stranded with weed yet no lighter.

Be it vaping or smoking; none is beneficial for health. But as per evidence, it has been proved that smoking weed is more harmful than vaping weed. That, however, does not by any means indicate that vaping weed is safe. So do it in moderation.

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