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Fashion Trends: Is Vaping Now a Style Accessory?


If you’re a fashion-conscious person, you probably want to have all the latest accessories by your side at all times. We all want to look smart, sexy, cool and elegant. Well, if you want to know the latest trend in the world of fashion, get ready for vape pens, e-cigarettes and other vaping devices. Today, smoking vape is a huge fashion statement and a lifestyle. You can see people using vaping devices in movies, music video, on stage and even on the runway! Times are really changing and vaping is a new fashion trend and style accessory to keep an eye on.

Get to know the trend

If you’re not to the scene, you first need to know what exactly is vaping. Vaping is an alternative to tobacco smoking that includes inhaling vapor via an electronic device. The vapor is created in the cartridge that’s filled with e-juice (a mixture of chemicals, nicotine and flavoring liquids) and heated until it releases a vapor an individual can inhale through the vape rig’s or pen’s tip. Today, you can find various vaping models from those perfect for quitting smoking to those that allow the use of cannabis and CBD.

Is vaping trendy?

There are many replacements for traditional smoking out there (nicotine gums, nicotine patches, etc.) but none are as trendy as vaping. Today, vaping is so popular that there are various places dedicated just to vaping and vaping devices. If you want to start the habit, just hit any vape shop, pick something you like and start puffing.

Vaping is trendy for many reasons. Mainly, it looks cool, just like cigarettes, but it doesn’t pose as many health risks as traditional tobacco consumption does. According to medical research, traditional cigarettes affect every single part of the body, especially the lungs and heart, causing health issues and even cancer. On the other hand, while definitely not harmless, e-cigarettes and vapes are a little healthier replacement suitable for all tobacco smokers.

Is vaping fashionable?

Due to its trendiness, vape rigs and e-cigarettes have become a true fashion accessory. Smoking machines come in many different colors, sizes and shapes, many of them inspired by famous clothing brands and street fashion styles.

Also, vape mods and pens are 100% customizable, so every person can pick their own unique design. On the other hand, cigarettes are cigarettes and that’s where the story ends. Vaping allows every user to feel unique and show off their style. For instance, if you strive for elegance and discretion, you can easily find the best disposable vape pen for your taste—something long, thin, black and practical. These pens always look and feel elegant, especially if you choose one of their many refreshing fruity aromas. If you’re an urban individual, treat yourself to a brightly-colored box mod to attract attention.

You can even have multiple devices, one for every occasion and every outfit, so you can truly use your vape as a fashion accessory. Do some more research into different mods that can fit your style.

Accessibility as a benefit

When smokers crave a cigarette, they have three main issues to face, Firstly, tobacco today is very expensive, so it might not always be possible to buy a pack and enjoy it in a short amount of time (you might have to save your cigarettes or go without them). Secondly, smoking cigarettes is not allowed in many places. It’s no longer an accessible habit and you might need to make a huge effort to satisfy your habit.

On the other hand, vapes and e-cigarettes are cheaper and you can use them in many places where traditional smoking is not allowed. And finally, vaping doesn’t leave you smelling like smoke due to the fact that the e-liquids used are produced in various very aromatic and fragrant flavors from fruity aromas to sweets. The smell produced from vaping is pleasant and not choky or strong at all.

Competitive vaping is a thing?

How does competitive vaping sound to you? There’s a new trend, particularly among younger users, where vapers try to produce cool tricks. This means there’s a huge market for people buying big tanks and great flavors that produce a lot of vapor. People are spending hours trying to learn tricks, record them and post on YouTube or TikTok. Competitive vaping made vaping more trendy than ever and some people who never smoked before are taking up vaping (which is something that concerns experts, especially cardiovascular doctors).

Vaping and e-cigarettes don’t have a nearly as long history as traditional tobacco smoking, but it seems that this trend is here to stay and we can all get used to a future with vaping. For their many benefits (not as harmful as smoking, more accessible, less stinky, cheaper), e-cigarettes will replace traditional smoking, especially in the fashion world. If you’re a fashionable person that follows trends, vaping is definitely one that you need to keep an eye on.

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