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Vaping for Weight Loss:
Everything You Need to Know


You've heard of vaping to quit cigarettes, but vaping for weight loss? More researchers are setting out to discover if this claim is true.

The first step is to investigate how these claims originated. According to Vice, many vapers are reportedly losing weight. People who vape to quit smoking also experience less weight gain than previous attempts to stop.

Could vaping be the next big weight loss solution? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of this claim.

Vaping as an Appetite Suppressant

When smokers quit cold turkey, they often experience weight gain due to overeating. Former smokers may replace their smoking habits with others that satisfy the oral fixation of smoking.

The other reason why former smokers gain weight when they quit is that nicotine is a natural appetite suppressant. Many former smokers feel an increase in hunger after quitting, especially with sweets and salty snacks.

Smoking is also a social activity, and many smokers lose that outlet when they quit. This change in behavior may lead to an increase in food consumption. However, with vaping, former smokers can maintain their social routines without turning to other methods to satiate their cravings.

Smoking and Weight Loss

Many smokers reportedly avoid quitting cigarettes because of the possibility of weight gain. Studies show that nicotine increases a smoker's metabolic rate; therefore, smokers can burn up to 200 calories daily.

This unintended effect is why vaping is becoming a more popular weight loss solution, even though it's not marketed as such. For example, someone who enjoyed menthol cigarettes as a smoker can now purchase e liquid concentrate that tastes like their preferred tobacco. They can still enjoy the taste of menthol without being exposed to 7,000+ chemicals.

Is Vaping for Weight Loss a Good Thing?

Weight gain is an issue shared by millions of people in the U.S. and abroad. It's natural for any weight loss solution, unintended or not, to take off. This result begs the question, should people vape to lose weight?

Vaping doesn't expose people to nearly the amount of toxic chemicals as traditional cigarettes. It's important to note that vaping does produce carcinogens. Therefore, vaping still harms the lungs. The vitamin E found in some vape juices are also known to cause respiratory conditions.

New research also suggests that vaping may endanger heart health, as well. The combination of nicotine and persistent lung problems increases the likelihood of cardiac health issues.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Research and anecdotal evidence show that vaping, like cigarettes, acts as an appetite suppressant. While vaping may control hunger, it's not a healthy way to approach weight loss.

Vaping is no match for nutrition and exercise. Plus, the physical side effects of vaping complicates a healthy weight loss plan.

Limit vaping to recreational use and leave weight loss to diet and exercise.

Tough Choices

Is vaping for weight loss the best way to control hunger? It may be tempting but consider the possible risks. Instead, research more healthy weight loss solutions and find one that connects.

Knowledge is a critical part of weight loss. Check out the blog to discover even more valuable information on health, lifestyle, and more.

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