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Vaping E-Liquid vs. Smoking Pot:
Which Is Better for You?


If you enjoy smoking pot, then you’ve probably heard about vaping weed. Vaping, as a trend, was born in the early 2000s. Over the years, new technologies enabled vaping kit developers to deliver new solutions. The manufacturers of e-liquids didn’t stay behind. Today, we not only have access to e-liquids with nicotine and different aromas but also CBD oils. Top stores like offer numerous flavors of e-liquid for use.

The methodology behind vaping e-liquid with CBD is the same as vaping a regular e-liquid. The vaporizer heats the oil to a specific temperature, it produces steam of vapour, and consumers inhale it through a mouthpiece. But the question is - is it better than smoking pot? To answer this question, we decided to take a closer look at the e-liquid vs. smoking pot comparison.

Vaping E-Liquid Pros

There are several noteworthy benefits vaping CBD-based e-liquids brings to the table. High-quality CBD oils are capable of delivering great taste. Since there is no combustion, consumers report they can notice a distinction between different marijuana strains more easily.

At the same time, the flavour is significantly better. This is because combustion destroys certain chemicals in marijuana. On the other hand, vaping allows consumers to enjoy the full taste of every strain.

When vaping CBD oils, you have complete control over what effects you want to get. How come? Weed vaporizers have adjustable temperatures. You get to choose whether you want a session that produces mellow or euphoric effects.

Vaping is also safer. It simply doesn’t require an open flame and combustion. If you choose to vape, it is safer for you and your environment. There is no smoke, and it doesn’t produce the odour smoking produces, thus allowing you to enjoy marijuana discreetly.

Finally, vaping is significantly healthier than smoking. Numerous studies support this claim. On top of that, it is recommended by the Royal College of Physicians as it is 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco. It is only logical that the same conclusion translates to smoking pot.

Vaping E-Liquid Cons

There are not that many cons here. But it is good to get acquainted with them, especially if you are deciding whether to replace smoking with vaping.

First of all, you should know that vaping CBD oil comes with a learning curve. You will have to learn how to use a vaporizer, maintain it, clean it, and which CBD oils are best for you.

The effect is also different. This aspect of the vaping e-liquid vs. smoking pot comparison belongs to a subjective category. Still, consumer reports vary. Many of them report that the effect is different.

Smoking Pot Pros

Smoking pot has several strongpoints. The most prominent one is the effect it produces. Compared to vaping, smoking pot delivers more kick. The effects simply can’t be compared as they are very intense. Smoking involves combustion, which provides high temperatures and releases active substances in the weed.

Smoking is also more affordable. You don’t have to spend cash on a vaporizer nor learn how to use it. Some people turn smoking pot into a ritual. They enjoy rolling, which soon becomes a significant part of the entire experience. With vaping, there are none of these subtle ritualistic actions.

Whether you roll a herb or use a pipe or bowl, you won’t spend much time maintaining your gadgets. It is simple to clean and rinse. With a vaporizer, you will need how to clean it if you want to extend its life cycle and enjoy the full taste.

Smoking Pot Cons

Smoking pot cons mainly revolve around the risks associated with the open flame, combustion, flavour, and odour.

You have to be extra careful when smoking pot, especially indoors; it is a fire hazard. Since you are burning a plant, you are exposed to the same risks as people who inhale tobacco smoke. The combustion by-products range from tar and carcinogens to toluene and benzene.

High temperatures also destroy many compounds in a herb, thus depriving you of the opportunity to enjoy its taste to the fullest. There is also that distinctive odour that tends to linger in the room even after you ventilate it.

E-Liquid vs. Smoking Pot: The Final Verdict

How do e-liquid and smoking pot compare in terms of what is better for you? If you are looking for a safer and healthier solution, vaping CBD oils is a better option. The vape produces an aroma, but it doesn’t smell like smoke.

Since there is no combustion, you won’t inhale the harmful by-products. Also, vaping produces a better taste overall. If you are interested in flavour, vaping is a better solution.

Ultimately, the choice falls onto you. Vaping CBD oils can’t affect you as the smoking pot can. However, it offers many benefits that are worth considering.

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