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Is Vaping the Best Way to Quit Smoking?

Many of you may have tried to stop smoking in the past. You probably know with a real sense in your gut just how hard the endeavor is. The biggest reason that smoking is so hard to quit is because of nicotine, but it has some side factors that many may not consider. Generally, there are three ways to quit smoking, cold turkey, the patch, or vaping. Is vaping the best way? Here are some interesting things to consider.

When examining smoking, the primary rush comes from Nicotine. This drug can mellow you out, make you feel less hungry, and take the edge of life away, at least temporarily. It is also highly addicting and affects the brain and nervous system by replacing normal stimuli with the chemical. When you try to quit, the need for nicotine gets stronger as your body weans its way off the chemical. Some will experience mood swings, anger, sweating, and weight gain.

Stopping cold turkey can be likened to one of the hardest challenges people ever face. This challenge only gets harder the longer or more you smoke. Be prepared to experience all the negative side effects and stress that comes along with it. Statistically, this is the least effective means of quitting smoking. Don’t feel bad if you have failed this challenge, it is designed to be this hard to quit. While the patch gives you a ready supply of nicotine, it does take away some other important features of smoking.

Smoking in and of itself is considered a bad habit. However, smokers in ways plan their entire lives around smoking. Stopping work for a smoke break, enjoying a light up with a beer, or even needing that draw after work to take the edge off. These are all social and psychological constructs. Yet, they become so strong that even the fulfillment of nicotine can not break the habit. The reasons vary, but it would be like taking three extra breaks a day and suddenly working without pause all day. It can create a tension and stress on its own.

With the chemical and psychological effects being so powerful, both cold turkey and the patch have their work cut out for them. Entering the ring is the third contestant, vaping. Part of the reason that vaping has become so popular is since it answers each aspect of quitting, at least in ways. Vaping can give you access to nicotine at any time and in varying amounts. It also can be substituted for taking a smoke break or taking a puff after a long day at work.

The draw back to the vape is that it does not quite replace everything. For some vapes, the delivery system is designed to be a one hit button when you need a top off. When compared to a ten-minute smoke break standing around talking with your friends, that does not exactly measure up. The same concept applies to a bar or event where social smoking carries on where a vape simply doesn’t require that type of use. Fortunately, many companies in the industry have taken strides to answer this.

In comes the Mod system. These systems have variable temperatures, burn rates, etc. and are mostly customizable. While they may be daunting to those entering the vape scene, they also may hold the key to the psych part of quitting cigarettes. The key is buying a vape liquid with a low dosage of nicotine but produces a large cloud. This requires you to puff more often to get the same hit. In effect, it is truly a e cigarette in both function and form. While vape pens are great for the one shot need system, the mods make the system work better.

The best part about vaping as an alternative to quitting is the availability of flavors. As a smoker you are probably keenly aware of the price, color, smell, and taste of your favorite brand. While these are subject to change, you have a go to that you pick up every time. Vaping has the great options of providing thousands of flavors that can range from mimicking tobacco, to menthol, and even dessert options. Finding a flavor that is your own will help you quit faster than the patch any day.

Smoking is a tough bird to kill. From the social aspects to the nicotine addiction, smoking is a hard habit to kick. Cold turkey can be struck from the record as an effective means to quit. Sadly, the patch simply does not hold up to the other needs of the smoker. Vaping is hands down the easiest method for killing the smoking habit once and for all. With an array of flavors and a good mod, you can count yourself amongst the vapers.

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