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How to Make Vape Juice From CBD Isolate

Make Vape Juice

The CBD extraction process is pretty straightforward and easy to do. You'll need a high-quality, organic hemp oil (make sure it doesn't contain any THC). A small pot with water, some salt or sugar for taste, and a stovetop. First off, heat the water on the stove until you see it start to bubble. Then add your cannabis oil into the mixture. Take it off of the heat after about five minutes so that you don't burn anything. Let cool before adding other ingredients like PG/VG or nicotine if desired.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a pure form of CBD that has been isolated from the other cannabinoids found in hemp and marijuana. Isolate products are typically made through an extraction process, which creates isolated crystals (with no THC) or powder.

How to Make Vape Juice From CBD Isolate

Step One: Add propylene glycol to a clean mixing container. In this recipe, we used a 30ml mixing container.

Step Two: Slowly add the CBD Isolate to the PG while agitating. If you are using 

a higher dose of pure CBD isolate, do not use all your propylene glycol at once. You can always add more if needed, but it is easier to take away than put back in.

Step Three: Once you have all the CBD Isolate in your PG, continue to agitate for about five minutes. You will notice that it is mixing into the solution easier now since everything has dissolved. Make sure that there are no clumps in your liquid before proceeding to step four.

Step Four: Once everything has been added, continue stirring until it's completely mixed together. Let sit for about 20 minutes so all of those tasty cannabinoids can dissolve from their crystalline structures and mix evenly throughout your vape juice solution (this is called "full melt" when done properly). This allows us to activate our cbd vape juice solution fully.

Step Five: Prepare your e-cigarette cartridge by removing the mouthpiece and then opening up the heating element chamber (this is where you'll ultimately mix our CBD isolate infused liquid). We recommend using a DIY cartridge for this recipe as they often hold more concentrate oil than prefilled cartridges, but if you're going with prefilled, make sure it's designed to handle thicker viscosities. 

Fill your vaping device with about one milliliter of vegetable glycerin – or whatever carrier oil/solvent you used in step three – before closing everything back up and giving it a test run! If there are clumps left over at the top after filling, don't worry – just give your CBD vape juice another stir and test it again.

If you're using a CBD isolate that's already been decarboxylated (common for many vape-able products), you should skip stepping five. If not, continue to the next steps.

Step Six: This is an optional but important part of this recipe – heating up your solvent/carrier oil before adding your other ingredients! We recommend putting about two tablespoons of coconut oil in a small saucepan and setting it over low heat on the stovetop until melted completely. Once all bubbling has stopped, take off the heat and let cool briefly before step seven. Don't allow your mixture to solidify after removing from heat, as this will cause clumping with other ingredients later on.

Step Seven: Add the teaspoon of Vitamin E oil to your best cbd vape juice solution and continue stirring until completely mixed. The Vitamin E will act as an emulsifier, allowing our formula to mix more evenly with other ingredients in step eight without the worry of clumping or separation later on. Be sure not to add too much, though – one teaspoon is enough! If you happen to add a little bit extra than that accidentally, don't fret; it won't hurt anything so long as there's only a slight color change (which shouldn't be noticeable).

Step Eight: Now, we're going to start adding all those fun flavors and colors. This part can be pretty messy, but just take your time and try not to get anything outside your container or around the rim. Add about 20 drops of vanilla extract and stir again until mixed thoroughly (the "full melt" should have taken care of any clumping, so it shouldn't be an issue here). Continue this process every five to ten minutes, adding only one flavor at a time.

Tips for Making Vape Juice From CBD Isolate

To decrease any chance of clumping, be sure that everything involved is extremely clean and dry before starting. The mixture should become clear when properly mixed. After mixing, some particles will still be present, so store overnight or longer with shaking every few hours. Store in an airtight container such as amber glass. Withdraw from dropper slowly, making sure none gets on tip immediately after being withdrawn off of the tip. If some does get on the end, it will dry and be ready to use immediately. Vape at your discretion.

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