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Learn More about Vaginal Rejuvenation at Home

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is a relatively broad term that refers to vaginal corrective treatments. The term essentially covers anything that alters or changes the vaginal anatomy, both internally and externally. Typically, users seek out vaginal rejuvenation procedures and treatments both for cosmetic reasons, as well as to solve age-related problems. Examples would be a lack of vaginal tightness or any urinary incontinence you may be experiencing. Although many correlate vaginal rejuvenations with surgery, there are nonsurgical options to help restore your vagina.

But what is the best part? These treatment options are painless and require no downtime. In most cases, patients can see results in as fast as one application. For long-lasting results, many doctors recommend 10-15 treatments which can then be maintained with monthly treatments.

How Does it Work?

Vaginal rejuvenation at home is relatively simple. In the case of, a company that offers a nonsurgical approach to vaginal rejuvenation, they provide at-home kits. Most at-home treatments come with packets you mix thoroughly in a bowl, then use an applicator to pull up the gel. The applicator is then inserted into the vagina onto the vulva. 2/3 of the gel should be applied into the vagina, while the remainder is applied directly to the vulva.

The treatments are entirely painless and should remain applied for a minimum of 45 minutes. Most users recommend leaving the treatment in overnight. After treatment, users are directed to fill the applicator with water and rinse the vagina thoroughly. This at-home vaginal rejuvenation treatment is typically recommended every 5-7 days and can be maintained with monthly treatments.

What are the Benefits Associated with It?

Many different benefits are directly correlated to vaginal rejuvenation treatments. Listed below are a few of the benefits oftentimes discovered after treatment.

Increases Sexual Sensation

It’s believed that the front wall of the vagina has the g-spot, which plays a key role in sexual arousal and stimulation in females. As collagen is injected into this area, it helps to increase women’s pleasure during intercourse. This is because as new collagen forms, the tissue plumps up, which increases sexual sensitivity.

Enhances Cosmetic Appearance

According to Embry Women’s Health, vaginal rejuvenation helps to tighten the vagina and restore it to the same size it was before childbirth. The vagina is an elastic muscle; thus it can expand over time due to childbirth and age. Childbirth presents its own obvious reasons for expansion, however, as we age, there are hormone changes that reduce the strength of the muscle as well as the surrounding connective tissues. Ultimately, this causes the vagina to lose its elasticity. Vaginal rejuvenation can help to restore the vagina’s cosmetic appearance.

Reduces Painful Intercourse

Painful intercourse is directly linked to a decrease in blood flow in the vagina. As the treatment helps to stimulate the regeneration of the body’s vaginal tissue, it also helps to increase blood flow and improve the production of elastin and collagen. Ultimately, this treatment helps to restore the vaginal walls so it’s more youthful, lubricated, and plump. This helps users to eliminate pain during sec and improve their overall sexual sensation.

Improves Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments help to tighten the inner and outer muscles as well as the overall structure of the vagina. This treatment helps to enhance vaginal strength, control, and muscle tone. This treatment also helps to tighten the vaginal canal, thus increasing both the patient’s sex life and overall aesthetic appearance and self-confidence.

Produces Natural Lubrication

As mentioned previously, this treatment helps to increase collagen production and create new collagen. As the treatment helps to strengthen the vaginal muscles and restructure the vaginal area, it also works to increase natural lubrication. As the walls of the vagina thicken and strengthen, it increases our body’s production of natural lubrication.

Although no treatment will restore the body to the way it was when you were 18, vaginal rejuvenation has worked for thousands of women to help increase their cosmetic appearance, self-confidence, and sexual pleasure. If the symptoms sound similar to problems you are currently experiencing, consider looking into a nonsurgical approach to vaginal rejuvenation that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

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