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Will Uwell Caliburn X Become a Legend in Your Mind?

Brand History

What I want to introduce to you today is the uwell caliburn x, a high-end product of the caliburn series, and for many users who know uwell, the caliburn series can be considered very familiar, including the well-known caliburn a2s, caliburn gk2, caliburn g2, etc. From 2019 to date, caliburn products have been continuously extended and updated. The reason why uwell claiburn's products are so popular is first because of its convenience, and secondly because of its simple design and wide applicability.

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Whether you are a newbie or a veteran with many years of experience, you can quickly enter the enjoyment stage without complicated instructions. Every R&D and product update is to find a new way through continuous testing and trial and error, and caliburn has proved its success along the way. Caliburn x is the continuation and inheritance of the times.

Innovative Configuration

The biggest difference between UWELL Caliburn X and previous products is that OLED screens are added for the first time. Due to the increasing popularity of electronic cigarette screens, we can also see more pod kits begin to use screens, not only for the convenience of monitoring data but also for the convenience of adjusting data. By providing the adjustment function, the user can freely define the output method.

Performance Characteristics

This is a pod vape kit with a built-in battery of 850mAh, the maximum output power is 20W, and the adjustable power is 5-20W. With the fire button, you can easily adjust the power, and the fire button also helps to open the device and lock the device to prevent accidental touch. Inhalation activation is also a good option if you find buttons to be cumbersome to operate. There is also an airflow adjustment button on the side for more precise airflow adjustment and more comfortable inhalation.

Core Components

For the most important source of flavour, in addition to basic airflow control, the blessing of coils and pods is indispensable. The caliburn x pod configured for the caliburn x kit has a capacity of 3ml, which breaks through the capacity of the device and makes the enjoyment time longer. Of course, in addition to the pod, the coil is indispensable, G2 UN2 Coil provides a soft but thick taste and creates a wonderful MTL vaping.

Design Features and Material Selection

It is not difficult to see that the appearance of this time is still a simple and compact design. Uwell Caliburn X has such a smooth and bright appearance through aluminium alloy stamping. Beautiful and durable. With double guarantees, isn't it worth a try?


If you trust uwell enough and caliburn enough, then uwell caliburn x kit will replace the previous products and become another irreplaceable electronic cigarette in your heart, bringing you a truly pleasant vaping experience.

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