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Using Laminin Antibody

Laminin is a glycoprotein that is found in the non-collagenous connective tissue forming most of the basement membrane (membrane separating the internal and external body surface). The protein is present in the extracellular matrix. LAMA1 also known as (laminin subunit α 1) has a counterpart gene in the human chromosome 18p11. Laminin antibody is obtained from antiserum by the specific methods of immunoprecipitation. The antigen specific antibodies allow specific purification of molecules while non-specific substances are left behind.


Dot blot analysis and immunofluorescence assay is done to check the specificity of laminin antibodies. In indirect immunofluorescence assay the antibodies show membrane staining of unmasked human and animal tissue. While in the dot blot immunoassay the antibody reacts only with laminin leaving all other proteins in the assay unbound. The purified laminin antibody reacts with lamini of human, mammal, avian, reptilian, and amphibian sources.

Application of Laminin Antibody

Being a biologically active part of basal lamina, laminin influences cell adhesion, differentiation, migration, signaling, and metastasis due to which laminin antibodies find diverse application.

The general mechanism of action of laminin antibody is the detection of laminin protein by binding to it. This releases a signal for the presence of laminin in the sample. Which will be helpful to observe the differential expression of laminin protein in different tissue samples.

The wide range application of laminin antibodies involves labelling blood vessels and basement membranes. Due to these applications anti-laminin antibody has been used in immunohistochemical staining and immunohistochemistry. The rabbit anti-laminin antibody is widely used for tagging blood vessels in different mammalian species, classifying different diseases involving basement membrane, identifying the origin of human tumors and their classification, and differentiating invasive and non-invasive lesions.

For dot blot analysis a working dilution of 1:1000 is quite effective per 50 ng per dot. While for immunohistology working dilution of 1:25 is effective for human and animal paraffin-embedded tissue.

Diagnostic Applications

Laminin subunit α 1 is involved in several diseases such as cancer, infections, inflammatory disease and autoimmune disorders. It plays a role in the assembly of the basement membrane and early growth of embryos.

The laminin antibody found diagnostic applications in immunocytochemistry/immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry and western blotting. The band detection is observed at 440, 220 and 158 kDa respectively in the analysis.

Due to wide distribution it can be an effective marker for diagnosis in fibrosis, cirrhosis and hepatitis and understanding the severity of chronic liver disease.

Anti-laminin antibody 5 can be used in immunocytochemistry, immunohistology, western blot analysis and ELISA for tissue specific analysis in mouse, horse, dog and human with positive control keratinocytes.

Storage and Use

Once open the product can be used for up to one month if kept at 2-8oC. If you want to extend the usage time aliquot the solution (divide into different batches) and freeze them. The freeze thawing deteriorates the working efficiency of the antibody so it is not recommended. In case the solution becomes turbid due to storage for a long time, use the antibody after centrifugation. 

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