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Top Benefits of Using Cold Therapy
to Help Heal Injuries

Athletes are fast to submerge their muscles inside a bath that is filled with freezing water, but most of us usually say "no thanks." But there's a science behind the idea of an ice-cold bath.

Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, is a healing method exposing the body to freezing temperatures for several minutes. This therapy aids muscles in recovering after strenuous activity, surgical procedure, or injury. In decreasing blood flow to a targeted region for a brief period, this therapy may reduce swelling, inflammation, and nerve activity, which as a result, alleviates pain surrounding tendons, joints, and muscles. Thankfully, there are localized methods of cryotherapy involving coolant sprays and ice packs instead of full-body ice baths.

From targeted pain relief to daily muscle recovery, cold therapy provides several benefits.

The DonJoy IceMan helps to recover from surgery

Many physicians suggest cryotherapy for rehabilitation after surgeries, as it may decrease pain by controlling inflammation and swelling in the impacted region. Because of this, cold therapy may aid patients in achieving regular function after soft tissue trauma at a faster pace.

The DonJoy IceMan offers an advantage with controlled production of cold therapy, which helps doctors and patients easily manage pain after surgery, visit site to learn more about it.

Soothe injured tissues, joints, and muscles

Through the use of the DonJoy IceMan, Cold therapy may provide effective alleviation for minor injuries, like sprains or bruises, by decreasing the swelling and inflammation causing acute pain. The treatment can even hasten healing time: Ankle sprains treated using ice may heal in around one week, while healing times using cold therapy may be over 10 days. Cryotherapy, beyond one-time injuries, may treat repetitive strain injuries, including tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints. It also can offer relief for patients who suffer from arthritis.

Recharge muscles after going to the gym

A lot of athletes utilize cryotherapy like the DonJoy IceMan for injury or muscle recovery after exercising. This cold treatment assists the muscles in repairing themselves and preparing for the next session of training. In a recent review published by the International Journal of Sports Medicine, scientists discovered that cryotherapy assisted in reducing muscle pain in 80% of the observed studies and improved athletic performance and recovery in 71% of the studies. Because of this, once integrated into a routine post-workout regimen, cryotherapy may lower recovery times and improve performance moving forward.

Find more pain relief

Like the DonJoy IceMan, cold therapy can also offer relief for migraine and headache pains, as research uncovered that neck wraps using frozen ice packs numbed nerves and decreased participant symptoms. In addition, cold therapy may offer relief for dermatitis and additional skin conditions, mood disorders, and nerve irritations, according to Healthline.

Cold therapy benefits involve pain relief, decreased swelling, inflammation, and muscle spasms. It's vital in the treatment of sports injuries. Don't suffer needlessly; use cold therapy right away to help your recovery along!

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