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Kratom - The Supplement That Keeps You Moving


As long as humans have been using herbs and plants for medicine, Kratom and similar plants have always been used for medicinal/therapeutic purposes. As the leaf of a plant (Mitragyna speciosa, which is native to South Asia), Kratom comes in different strains. The strains are determined by the color of the veins in the plant's leaf. Each strain has unique effects and the plant offers a ton of variety. Kratom has many health benefits and therapeutic effects. It can calm you down, treat muscle soreness, and provide a quick energy boost. That doesn't prevent it from occasionally getting a bad reputation in some circles, but studies as recent as 2017 show it has potential to be quite beneficial. If you're thinking about using Kratom, the odds are you're going to get it as a powder or use it to mix with something else in order to take advantage of its benefits. Here are five useful ways to use Kratom that are readily available now.


Taking Kratom in capsule form is probably the most convenient way to use it. Capsules are portable, convenient, and can contain any strain you might want. There might even be blends of different strains to achieve unique effects. Using capsules means you don't have to measure out specific dosages of Kratom whenever you want to use it. Capsules already have pre-measured amounts of the kratom in them. The other reason people might prefer capsules is because it does something about kratom's taste. Kratom is notoriously bitter (or perhaps peppery). Taking a kratom capsule quickly unlocks some of the plant's benefits. Whether you're traveling, working, exercising, or getting life insurance quotes, it can help you remain calm and have a clear mind throughout any daily task.


Getting Kratom as a powder offers a lot of versatility. Powder can be mixed with other food or water. This means that you can make various Kratom based beverages by mixing powder in the liquid. Powder is almost like all-purpose flour. It can be used as the basis for most Kratom use, but requires strict measuring. Powders are usually available from reputable retailers, and there will be plenty of information available about the single or multiple strains used to make the powder. Be sure to examine the ingredients and ensure it is the right strain from you.

Coffee Replacement

People love their morning brew. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages many of us drink every single day. Most Americans drink two or three cups a day and there's basically an entire subculture around the beverage. Coffee beans are the seeds of the fruit (coffee cherries) of the coffee plant. All coffee we drink comes from the same plant species. Here’s a fun fact about Kratom: the tree is in the coffee family. It isn’t coffee at all, but that hasn’t stopped some people from using it as a sort of coffee replacement. The reason people drink coffee in the first place is to stay alert and feel energized. Kratom is often used for similar reasons, making it an ideal coffee substitute. If you want to add its benefits to your normal coffee, you can do that, too! Making Kratom coffee is as simple as adding some Kratom leaf (as powder) to your normal brew. Start by loading up your coffee maker with slightly more than the amount of beans you would normally use, then sprinkle some of the kratom into the mix. Go for one or two teaspoons of powder and mix it in well. Then simply brew the coffee. 

Energy Shots

If you're seeking a quick energy boost and you don't care for coffee or tea, then a Kratom energy shot could be just the pick-me-up for you. Energy shots are a popular, concentrated form of an energy drink. They can be useful on a busy morning to give you a surge of energy to get your day going, or as a way to get a quick energy surge during an afternoon lull. Energy shots have a lot of different ingredients and a very high caffeine content, so they're not always the ideal way to get an energy boost. There are also some health risks associated with energy drinks in general, so it may be best to speak with your doctor before deciding to use them. But under some circumstances, they can be great. A kratom energy shot is going to contain the standard energy drink ingredients along with some powdered kratom mixed in to help create the energizing effect.



Drinking tea is a popular and widespread practice. Making Kratom tea is just another natural extension of trying to unlock the plant's health benefits. The health benefits of Kratom tea are widely known. Mostly, these revolve around increasing endurance, provoking a relaxing effect, and elevating one's mood. Knowing which kratom strains are the best for tea can be highly subjective.

  • Red leaf strains are bold and help with recovery. They have a calming effect and might even help you sleep better.
  • White leaf strains are great for building endurance, stamina, and mild pain management.
  • Green leaf strains are ideal for mood enhancements, improving mental clarity, and managing fatigue.
  • Gold or yellow strains are mature, giving them a blend of all the others in terms of effects. 

After selecting your preferred Kratom strains, you can blend them together to create your tea. Simply boil some water in a pot. Once off the boil, let it cool slightly. Then mix the powdered strain into it, as thoroughly as possible. Consider adding some lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to maintain the integrity of the kratom's alkaloids. Let it steep for about ten minutes or so. Then add any milk, honey, sugar, or cream and enjoy your Kratom tea! It should also go without saying that you should only use the recommended amount of Kratom for your body and never exceed the dosage when making Kratom tea.

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