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Top 10 Useful Items to Carry For Camping

Carry For Camping

Preparation is necessary for every camping trip. It doesn’t matter whether you're staying for a week or a night, having essential equipment to sustain you and your group should be the number one priority. There are several gears available to take with you on a camping trip; however, some are important than others.

Let's dive in to find out the top items to have with you when camping outdoors.

1. Camping Tent / Shelter

The shelter is among the important items of any visit to the outdoors. Being well-protected and ready for every kind of weather may arise as your number one priority. Since tents come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and materials, your choice of a durable and weather-sturdy tent is essential.

Each tent is rated for using a season rating. It’s like 2-season for light use without harsh weather and 3-season for medium use that can sustain rain, wind, and light snow. While 4 season tents are used all year round and sustain extreme weather conditions. A pop-up mosquito net and canopy or screen house also make massive shields from sun or bugs.

2. Food

If you have ever been on a trip without required food, you know how bad it could be. Your trip gets even worse if kids are with you. So, you should always pack more food than you require. Also, you could get stuck in your desired area longer than expected.

Since you along with your children might be more active than normal, your food supply could end faster than normal. So, play safe and bring a little more food and water.

3. Camping Stove / Grill

You can pick prepackaged and ready-to-eat food with you for camping. However, this gets repetitive and can be a warm meal. So, grill or off-the-stove food would always be much tastier.

Today's cook-stoves are easy to operate and set up. With widely available propane and a charcoal grill, you can get great taste. Also, many portable models are available now at a low cost. In extreme conditions, a propane stove could also be useful for warmth.

4. Sleeping Bag / Blankets

Staying comfortable while resting is quite important to keep up your energy levels. Because of temperature changes between night and daytime, a sleeping bag always provides you warmth to allow you a restful night's sleep.

A blanket or sleeping bag that can’t keep you warm enough means you have to spend the night shivering. Your bag must be rated well below the average temperature of your site. The addition of blankets (wool made) can help you overcoming sudden cold snaps. Nylon blankets and lightweight sheets are typically fine for warmer climates.

5. Lanterns / Lights

To avoid being left out in the dark, lanterns are among the widely used lights for nighttime. Propane lanterns offer a lot of light and are easy to operate with fairly fuel-efficient. Battery-powered lights are also massive for backup but don't provide much light for large campsites. Flashlights along with extra batteries must always be carried too.

Carry For Camping

6. Cots

Folding cots can massively help you in getting a restful night's sleep and keep you off the ground. Staying off the ground while sleeping outside of the tent help keeps crawling insects, bugs, and small reptiles’ at bay. Some cots are available with a pop up mosquito net, so you can sleep without a tent.

7. Chairs

Comfortable seating after a busy day or long hike with the kids can be a blessing. There is no lack of chairs available online for camping. These lightweight chairs compactly fold and have features such as built-in drink holders. Also, folding tables alongside chairs for eating or extendable awnings for shade can be a bonus.

8. Clothes

Having and wearing garments can be the deciding moment of your next camping trip. Always keep garments for any type of climate:

  • Lightweight shirts, shorts, and coats for a warm or cool climate.
  • Heavyweight coats, full-length pants, and protected boots for a chilly climate.
  • Downpour coats are economical and can come in convenient for abrupt downpours.

9. First Aid Kit

It is a must for every outdoor trip. A good first aid kit comes along with essential equipment to survive and mend any emergency. Search online for "do it yourself first aid kits" will normally come up with a list of the critical supplies you need to build your own.

10. Phone and Radio

Some folks may say this is not one of the top ten items for a camping trip. However, I tell you from my experience a cell phone alongside two-way radio can come quite handy. I always carry a smartphone, two-way GMRS radios, and a hand-held CB radio. In an emergency or if your vehicle breakdown, these can save you miles of walking to get aid.

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