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Your Ultimate Guide to Facial Massage


One key benefit of facial massage is that it increases the circulation of blood to the facial tissues. This leads to brighter and more younger-looking skin. Also, facial massage can firm and lift the skin and reduces wrinkles and puffiness appearance. Another benefit is that it lowers stress and leaves you feeling relaxed and peaceful. And because it takes only a few minutes, you can get one massage daily without interfering with your schedule. You can decide to take it in the morning when you wake up or late in the evening before going to bed. No matter the time you decide to take a massage, you need to ensure you are armed with the right tools and materials, key of which is the massaging tool like moon white jade beauty face massage tool from Anfisa skin. Here is everything you need to know about getting a facial massage at home. 

Facial Massage

Under the Different Types of Facial Massage

Major Exfoliating Facial Massages
The good thing with scrubs is that they are a wonderful natural exfoliant. Whether you use salt or sugar, you can be guaranteed to end up with soft, supple skin in no time. The salt sloughs dead skin and brightens dull complexions. Massaging your face and then following it with scrubs can make your skin smoother and also improves its texture with time. However, there is a catch to this type of exfoliation. You must be cautious when scrubbing your face with salt because each particle could lead to skin abrasion.

Deep Cleansing Facial Massage
One of the most important elements of a good skin care practice is cleansing. This type of massage involves using a good cleanser, and it ensures good skin health. Choose a cleanser that matches your skin type. 

Powerful Balancing Facial Massage
People with dry skin are the best fit for facial massage. But apart from fixing dry skin, it is also great for oily skin as it helps to soak up sebum, which in turn helps to control the oil level of the skin. After that, apply a facial oil or serum, and then massage using an upward motion. Also, you might want to use a jade roller or a derma roller.

Impressively moisturizing Facial Massages
Moisturizing the skin nourishes and hydrates the skin. Moisturizers work great with facial massage. The best thing is that you can find a moisturizer for every type of skin, whether you have sensitive skin, oily, or a dry one.

Balancing Mask Facial Massages
Facial massages that are infused with honey and salt are packed with anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin, as well as calm breakouts and skin irritation. Also, they retain hydration in skin layers and balance oil production. 

Mix two teaspoonfuls of sea salt with four teaspoonfuls of raw honey to form a spreadable paste. Then, apply the paste evenly to your dry skin, staying from the eye area as much as possible. Allow the mixture to sit for 10-15 minutes.

Before you rinse, soak a piece of cloth in warm water. After that, gently wring it out. Leave the warm piece of cloth on your face for approximately 30 seconds. Gently exfoliate the face in a circular motion with your fingers, and at the same time rinse your skin with lukewarm water. 

What are the Best Techniques for Facial Massage?

Face brightening massage
Use the following steps:

  • Cleanse the skin apply a serum or facial massage
  • Begin by massaging the sides, proceed to the forehead, and lightly massage the parts below the eye and the brow.
  • Repeat the procedure once more.

Firming massage

  • Lightly apply facial oil onto the face
  • Rub the corners of the lips
  • Next up, massage your cheekbones.
  • Follow it up by softly massaging the eye area.
  • Finish by massaging the forehead

Stress-busting massage

  • Begin by applying onto the skin a massage oil
  • Then, rub under your ear lobes and also along the jawline
  • Continue to massage on the jawline
  • At this time, you need to concentrate on the forehead and the temples.
  • To finish up, massage the nose.

Face Massaging Tools

Gua Sha tool
The Gua Sha Moon White Jade Face Massage Beauty Tool is regarded as the natural face lifter. It is intentionally shaped by considering how the face is contoured, which is what enables it to lift and sharpen the high points found on your face.

Jade Roller
Jade rollers soothe the skin and also have a calming effect. When used in combination with a moisturizer, they can also have unimaginable relaxing benefits.

Eye massagers
It’s the best thing if you have over-worked, stressed eyes. This technique is good because it enables you to massage the delicate areas of the eye. Harnessed with vibrations, the technique helps to de-puff the eyes, lending to it the boost it badly needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the most ideal time for doing a facial massage?
Whenever you can, it is best to perform a facial massage just before you go to bed. This way, your skin has the best opportunity to take in the nutrients from the skincare products you have used.

How regularly should you massage your face?
Experts recommend that you do it at least once a day. After that, you may opt to follow it up with a skincare routine before going to bed. It’s easy to do and takes 5-10 minutes and you are done. But it is recommended to do a thorough facial rub at least once a week.

Is it Okay to Use Olive Oil for Massage?
The best thing about olive oil is that it works for all types of skin. Therefore, there is no problem when you use it for massaging your face.


With there being so many benefits of facial massage, people want to get as much information about how to do it correctly as possible. Fortunately, it is nothing difficult. With a couple of a few simple steps, you will have a suppler and more glowing skin in no time. The above information should help you to understand facial massage better.

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