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Types of Poppers

Poppers is the slang word for the recreational drug called alkyl nitrites. They are known to be one of the most popular kinds of recreational drugs, coming only next to marijuana in terms of popularity. They're popular in the LGBT community as well as in nightclubs all over the world, and used for their euphoric high and increase in sexual pleasure.

What are Poppers?

Poppers are liquid drugs that give an instant high when inhaled. They're legal in most countries, with some countries such as Canada and Australia banning the sale and use of the drug.

The effects of poppers are instant and quick, making them a popular recreational drug in nightclubs all over the world. Poppers were originally created to treat heart diseases such as angina. It was in 1850 that alkyl nitrites were first made by Jerome Ballard, who was a French chemist. It was then used by doctors who would prescribe the drug for people with heart problems.

It was only in the 70s when poppers became popular, as it was used prominently in the gay disco scene. What made it so popular was its ability to delay ejaculations, enhance sex drive, improve sexual performance, provide a feeling of euphoria, as well as dilate mucous membranes such as the throat and anal muscles.

Poppers are considered vasodilators, which means when you inhale them, it smooths the muscles surrounding the body's blood vessels. Because of its ability to increase heart rate, it should never be taken with other sex-enhancing drugs such as Viagra, nor should it be mixed with alcohol. Some of the side effects of taking poppers with alcohol include a lowered blood pressure, dizziness, and lightheadedness. When taken with Viagra, it could lead to an increase in cardiovascular complications and could be fatal.

The 4 Different Types of Poppers

There are basically 4 different types of poppers with each differing in intensity, duration of the effects, and chemical composition.

1. Amyl Nitrite

This is one of the strongest poppers and should not be taken by first-timers. Its effects include lowered inhibitions and has a longer high than other types of poppers. Known brands of amyl nitrite include Pig Black, Everest Premium, and Gate. It is banned in the UK and Canada but legally sold in the US and the rest of Europe.

2. Pentyl Nitrite

This is the most sold kind of popper and great for first-timers. They give an instant rush and provides a strong rush of euphoria. Though the effects are shorter in duration, it also evaporates less quickly, making it the more economical choice among the 4 types of poppers. Among the most popular brands include Jungle Juice Platinum, Amsterdam Special, and Lockerroom Black Label.

3. Propyl Nitrite

This is the strongest one on the market and not ideal for first-timers. These are recommended for popper connoisseurs. Though powerful, the effects don't last very long as compared to amyl nitrite. Some of the most known brands include Iron Horse, Black Out, and Everest Enjoy It!

Popular propyl nitrites also carry names of famous cities, such as the Berlin Popper, which is strong and intense, the Amsterdam popper, which is a formula that has existed for over 20 years, and the Ibiza Popper, which is popularly used in nightclubs.

4. Butyl Nitrite

This type of popper is banned in all of Europe. It is the most efficient for dilation and also for improving the quality and intensity of orgasms.

Though some poppers are illegal in certain countries, such as Canada and Australia, they are easily purchased online and in sex shops in Africa, the US and Europe. However has banned certain types of poppers, such as the amyl nitrite, but other types are sold legally, as long as they are not advertised for human consumption.

Poppers UK Legislation doesn’t allow the sale of Poppers, however they are readily available online. And people do need to take caution and be aware of the legal risks involved within their country.

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