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A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Having a detailed and concrete understanding of Cannabis and its products is beneficial to the health of consumers. The Cannabis industry has evolved tremendously over the past couple of years. Cannabis concentrates are slowly but surely taking over this industry. Nowadays, the substance is not exactly desirable in its raw form.

Concentrates are the livelier forms of Cannabis that undergo various processes to improve their overall appearance and sometimes taste. Here’s a complete guide to different types of Cannabis concentrates.

1. Shatter

It’s among the most well-known concentrates, mainly because it’s among the very first to be discovered. Shatter is thin and acquires the name through the shattering process that comes along due to its thinness. Moreover, this strain occurs in different types depending on the level of quality. For instance, a darker shade of amber is said to be of lower quality. It has not precisely undergone the due process of purification during extraction.

On the other hand, high-quality shatter is the one that’s either amber or crystal clear in color. Ideally, shatter is supposed to undergo a thorough extraction process which should leave it at its best state. The very first step is to remove an element known as Butane. This is followed by the process of filtration, which is meant to get rid of impurities that may be hidden deep within.

The process of filtration does not in any way guarantee a pure end product. On the contrary, you are still very likely to come across traces of Butane. To be on the safe side, only make your purchases of shatter from quality brands that have stood the test of time.

Cannabis Concentrate

2. Budder

It resembles wax only that it is oilier and softer than wax. Budder is a unique kind of marijuana wax because it requires higher temperatures than usual to gain its elegant texture. One thing that makes Budder stand out from the rest as a Cannabis concentrate is that whipping is part of the extraction process. It has a high THC content, which makes it one of the most preferred concentrates.

Consumers are assured of a durable feeling of highness rather than a false and brief one. Users of Budder concentrate can always enjoy a powerful effect of the product when they purchase quality products.

3. Crumble

The name itself tells it all, and its texture has the consistency like that of a honey-comb. Less keen consumers may end up mistaking it for budder due to the similarity in colors. The difference between the two concentrates is that Crumble only requires lower heat while Budder requires a higher level of heat. Lower temperatures enable the Crumble to retain its original flavor rather than distort it by exposing it to higher temperatures.

4. Sugar Wax

It goes through a similar process as Shatter concentrate. Butane extraction is involved to ensure the highest level of quality and overall purity. Its appearance resembles that of brown sugar, hence the name. Sugar wax has a shiny and glossy appearance that tends to attract the attention of avid Cannabis fans. This cannabis concentrate comes from strains of Cannabis that have high water retention levels.

Moreover, the strain can produce perfect results. Sugar wax may be confusing, especially to first-time users, because it appears in different colors that fall between amber and yellow. Uniformity is never a factor to consider when purchasing Sugar wax.

5. Rosin

Most prominent Cannabis users can vouch for various aspects such as flavor, purity, and potency. Rosin is a unique Cannabis concentrate that does not need the solvent extraction method like most concentrates.

Manufacturers are keen on squeezing out every last drop of Rosin from dried flowers. Aside from dried flowers, other elements include hash, kief, and trim. Manufacturers apply intense heat and pressure for them to acquire the most accurate results. Thanks to the absence of solvents, Rosin doesn’t lose the natural flavonoids and terpenes but retains each of them. Most people enjoy using this concentrate more than others due to its flavor-filled content. It’s consumed through dabbing and gives utmost satisfaction to the user.

Cannabis Concentrate

6. THC Oil

It’s among the most standard forms of Cannabis concentrates and is easily accessible since it’s present in concentrates that contain THC. THC is available in different forms, such as capsules, tinctures, or even vaporizers. Cannabis fans turn to THC oil when they are in dire need of an incomparable feeling of euphoria. Its intoxicating effects have earned it a top spot in the list of must-have Cannabis concentrates.

7. Crystalline

If purity is your topmost guiding factor when shopping for Cannabis concentrates, Crystalline is the one to settle for. It is one of the purest Cannabis forms, and you can easily acquire it from any legit weed dispensary. The extraction process is inevitable since it sets THC and CBD apart from the regular cannabinoids. Every step counts since it determines the final state of the concentrate.

Due to modern extraction methods and materials, Crystalline has attained its most desirable state. This means users shouldn’t expect any aroma, color, or flavor from Crystalline since it’s in its purest form.

Cannabis Concentrate

7. Distillate

This is another concentrate that comes in an oil form but in a concentrated state. Distillates are different from other concentrates since they contain no form of wax, flavonoids, or even terpenes and other compounds you may find in Cannabis plants. A distillate only contains a particular cannabinoid, which is usually very highly concentrated. The cannabinoid is usually THC and is always the constant even when the distillate is rid of all other compounds.

Distillates undergo rigorous processes in terms of extraction, purification, and separation. The result is a Cannabis concentrate that’s unique in every way and oily in appearance. Manufacturers are also very keen on following up every due process in their specific order. Missing any step will only result in low-quality and impure products.

8. CO2 Oils

CO2 oils come through the extraction process, mainly because gas is involved. CO2 oils are not as common since most vapers are not usually interested in knowing their vaping devices' contents. CO2 oils are generally found in vape cartridges and pens. Just like its counterpart, Crumble, CO2 oils require lower heat during extraction. The main reason for this is to preserve all the natural flavors and terpenes.

Cannabis Concentrate

Final Thoughts

With a complete and informative guide, finding all the right Cannabis concentrates shouldn’t be so tough. On the contrary, it becomes a smooth pursuit that enables you to learn as much as you can about each of the concentrates and more.

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