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The Two Main Types of Chiropractors

Chiropracic Help

Chiropractic care focuses on fixing health issues, back pain, neck pain, joint issues and more using manipulation along the spine to correct what they call misalignment. They have studied for at least 5 years to achieve their status to then be able to practice in Australia. The popularity ofchiropractic Perth treatments has really gone up in the last decade as more people realise the treatments come with no risk and can effectively help them manage pain without having to turn to medicated drugs. Here is a look at the two main types of chiropractors you can find. 

Two main chiropractor types

Chiropractors can specialise just like doctors can so you can find pediatric chiropractors, general chiropractors, and so on. But the two general areas chiropractors fall into are those focused just on chiropractic technique and those that also include natural remedies and a whole-body wellness approach. 

Chiropractors focused on technique - Their focus is on the spinal column and the adjustments they make. They understand that many issues, pains and ailments are because of misalignment in the spinal column which connects to the nervous system and impacts the whole body. When those subluxations are fixed with manipulation the body can better heal. They also use medical exams and things like chiropractic imaging in their diagnosis process.

Wellness and mixed approach - These chiropractors believe the same as above but also include with their approach a mix of holistic remedies such as herbal remedies, dietary supplements and a focus on nutrition and fitness too. They will treat the spine as well as encourage and teach patients about other options for their whole well-being.

Type of chiropractic treatment varies

The type of treatment you will receive with a chiropractor also depends on your medical history, what the issue is and the type of pain you are experiencing. There are three phases in their care;

  1. Relief from pain - This is all the adjustments made to help a patient when they are suffering a lot of pain. When the pain relief is no longer required this part of the treatment will stop as you move into a different stage of care. This can involve 2 to 4 sessions a week. 
  2. Corrective treatment - When you are dealing with an injury it can weaken the spine so this part of the treatment focuses on restoring the stability of your spine. This chiropractic Perth care may take regular sessions over a period of several weeks or even months depending on the patient.
  3. Maintenance care - To help strengthen the body and prevent future issues once or twice a month you can go in for some maintenance sessions.


The work and reputation of chiropractors have improved in recent years as people better understand the kind of training they have to go through, and the help they can offer. Using real medical tests like chiropractic imaging they can assess you, and come up with a personal treatment that best suits your needs.

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