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A Tea Drinker’s Delight – Turkish Apple Tea
and the Reasons It’s Becoming So Popular

Turkish Apple Tea

Fruit flavored teas are becoming more and more popular and understandably so. Fruits are refreshing in their raw form, not just because of their nutritional value but also because of their taste. Add to that the warmth and aroma that a cup of tea offers and you have the perfect combination that is part comforting and part refreshing. In these fruit-flavored teas, the most popular choice is Apple and the most commonly used type of tea is Turkish Apple Tea.

Because of the flavor profile and strength of the strain, Turkish Apple Tea can be enjoyed in any season and isn’t restricted to just the summer or the winter. You can enjoy it as a freshly brewed steaming cuppa or in a tall glass, filled with ice to the brim. Because of this versatility, and of course the amazing flavor, Turkish Apple Tea has become a year-round favorite.

Mostly found as loose leaf tea, Turkish Apple Tea goes back more than 800 years and has been enjoyed for generations not only in Turkey but also in other parts around the world, especially after the trade became common throughout the globe. Even though Turkey is more famous for its coffee, Turkish Apple Tea has still managed to leave its mark when it comes to warm beverages and has truly become a trade commodity for the nation of Turkey, with billions in revenue annually.


In addition to the great flavor and refreshing aroma, apple tea generally has many health benefits. The compounds of apple tea have an impact on blood sugar levels and help in managing diabetes. It’s also a great remedy for constipation as it relaxes the muscles around the digestive and excretory system, making your mornings a lot more manageable. It also has a high abundance of magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and sodium. All of these nutrients promote bone health and help in keeping bone density high.

Some of the other active ingredients found in apple tea reduce cholesterol levels in the body, which not only helps in controlling blood pressure but also keeps the risk of heart disease and heart attacks at bay. Moreover, these same ingredients also promote healthy eyesight as the flavonoids present in apple tea actively fight against several eye-related diseases with a decent degree of effectiveness.

Lastly, there are abundant antioxidants that are found in apple tea. Antioxidants have a range of benefits including promoting cardiovascular health, boosting the immune system, and eliminating free radicals in the body which can cause several forms of cancer.


If you’d like to try some great Turkish Apple Tea, you can check out the Kent & Sussex Tea Company for some great stock. Completely caffeine-free, you can enjoy the tea just for its flavor and can you’re your caffeine cravings and reduce your overall caffeine intake. It comes in loose-leaf form, is really easy to brew and takes 10 minutes at most to have a freshly brewed cup in your hands.

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