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Get Rid of Your TSS By Using Menstrual Cup

Toxic shock syndrome or TSS is a life-threatening condition. The use of menstrual products makes women more likely to acquire this disease. Some of them may cause bacteria called staph to grow in your private area.

For women diagnosed with TSS, many symptoms affect their daily lives that are very difficult to manage. Fortunately, by switching to a menstrual cup, getting rid of this syndrome becomes possible.

Below is TSS information that you should know and how menstrual cups can help you get rid of this life-threatening disease.

How Does Toxic Shock Syndrome Happen?

TSS is caused by toxins generated from a staph or Staphylococcus aureus formed bacteria that can only be found in the woman's body. Since menstrual products like tampons and disposable pads are commonly used, the development of bacteria speeds up its growth until this life-threatening infection, the TSS is triggered.

Staph, however, is a natural and harmless bacteria found in the private areas (vagina) of women. If it multiplies rapidly, that's when it becomes harmful. It releases toxins and enters the bloodstream.

What Happens When Toxic Shock Syndrome Develops in Your Body?

When the toxins are produced, our bodies will react to it negatively. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways or symptoms to know if you are getting TSS. Women who are diagnosed with this infection are experiencing sudden fever, low blood pressure, diarrhea, frequent episodes of vomiting, rashes, muscle pain, redness of mouth, throat, and eyes.

Also, seizures, headaches, and confusion are happening to some patients. These are not severe reactions to the infection, but if not appropriately treated, it may lead to death. Therefore, if you feel any of these, you have to see a doctor to perform some tests and to have proper medications.

How to Get Rid of Toxic Shock Syndrome By Using a Menstrual Cup?

When you continuously use super-absorbent menstrual products such as tampons and regular pads, the bacteria will rapidly grow. It is because the blood that these products are absorbing can create moisture in the woman's vagina. Bacterias can quickly grow and multiply in wet areas. Thus, it’s best to avoid using these kinds of products.

Since the year of the 1970s and 1980s, women are already experiencing health problems such as TSS because of using tampons and pads. Good thing, they discovered a new menstrual product called menstrual cup. It works by collecting the blood in the cup instead of absorbing it. Also, it is inserted inside the vagina of a woman during menstruation.

Therefore, the vagina can breathe, and it will stay dry. Which means there will be lesser chances for the staph bacteria to grow rapidly. Menstrual cups are safe to be inserted into women's private are since it is made from high medical-grade silicone. Also, it is more convenient to use as it can hold your blood up to 12 hours a day.

It is also reusable which make it cost-effective. Today, there are a lot of women who are already using this product. There are different types of the menstrual cup in the market. To know more details about period cups, you can go to

Other Ways to Prevent TSS

There are a lot more you can do to prevent this infection. Make sure to have a good personal hygiene every time. Do not wear any super absorbent menstrual products such as tampons, pads, and even cloth pad. It is better to use a menstrual cup when sleeping to avoid the development of staph bacteria.

When using a period cup, it will be helpful if you use lubricating jelly or any safe lubricant to prevent rashes. During your period, make sure that you wash your private parts from time to time and make sure it is dry. Your private area is more prone to bacteria when you are on your period. Therefore, do the extra care of your private area and your body during menstruation.

For regular days, every time after you pee, make sure to wash your vagina with water or wipes then let it dry before putting your underwear on again. These are simple ways you can do to avoid toxic shock syndrome.


Having toxic shock syndrome is a serious matter, and women should not take it for granted. While you can still prevent it from happening, then do everything right for your vagina. That includes using a menstrual cup instead of absorbent products such as tampons and regular pads.

It may not be easy to switch from your usual products to this new menstrual device. And there will be a lot of adjustments to do, especially on inserting it. But, it only takes a few practices and research to wear it right. Ladies, do not compromise your health.

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