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Can Kratom Kill? Treatment of Kratom Addiction

Kratom, also known as Kakuam, Ketum, Thom, or Ithang, is a coffee family plant that has an origin in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Upon its ingestion, the leaves of the plant have opioid-like responses.

Like in the case of CBD and cannabis, Kratom's users have reported various health benefits. The article is going to examine various factors that are related to the usage of kratom and whether the plant's products can lead to Kratom deaths.

Can Kratom lead to Death?

First, it should be noted that scientists and FDA clinical trials can help the kratom users understand whether the kratom's products are safe for usage, effective, the dose, and which forms should be used for specific diseases. You must consider following factors:

Components of Kratom

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is an indigenous plant, and its leaves and tea are used for energy purposes, opioid withdrawal, pain management, and starve fatigue.

Kratom contains indole alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine (7-HMG). The two chemicals cause opioid-like activities. In other words, alkaloids such as mitragynine can act on one's brain opioid receptors to trigger mood and behavioral change.

Can Kratom be Abused?

What can lead to the death of any drug-related substance is the abuse of the substance. There is controversy that the abuse of kratom products can cause kratom death. It must be noted that, like in the case of cannabis or CBD, Kratom can be used by some people, especially teens and young adults as a safer way or healthy way to get high. In the course of using, it will lead to product dependence, hence, leading to addiction. And addiction is the precipitate of overdose.

Effects of Kratom Addiction

Like any other drug-related products, kratom products have emotional, behavioral, physical, and social addiction side effects. The user can experience weight loss and be less concerned about personal hygiene. Besides, irregular sleeping patterns such as oversleeping and sleeping at uncommon hours can clip in.

The user will experience mood swings, which will lead to irritability, aggression, and depression. When one reaches this level, it becomes not as severe as opioid addiction, but not lead to death. Although some controversies are there that say, the chances of kratom death are very high since potential suicidal thoughts are very high but not proved. Guidance and counseling are required, but a rehabilitation center is the best alternative if the case is uncontrollable.

Users can also start to do things that are out of their known character. These include irresponsibility and unfulfilled obligations, poor academic performance chips, interpersonal relationship conflicts, financial strains, and legal troubles.

Treatment of Kratom Abuse and Addiction

Kratom abuse and addiction have three phases, namely, physical stabilization, therapy, and recovery. Physical stabilization includes clearing the substance from the body, medication, and medical surveillance to ensure that everything is done as prescribed.

Next, it's the treatment model, which includes therapy and counseling. This can be offered in either an outpatient or residential setting. The outpatient setting is anchored on the patient's specific needs. In contrast, a residential setting implies that the patient will stay in a specialized treatment clinic or hospital to be provided with constant care.

The most common therapeutic method used for abuse and addiction patients is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This helps individuals that are abusing substances to find the real cause of the abusing behavior. The method helps the specialists tackle negative thoughts and low-esteem thoughts and feel the patients with hope.

Bottom line

Excess of everything is dangerous so Kratom death can be caused by only one thing, the products' addiction, which leads to overdose. As a user, you are required to use the product as prescribed and also avoid an overdose. This is the only way that you can stay safe. Avoid overdosing like a plague.

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