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Treating the Digestive System With Probiotics

In a world where 62% of people suffer from digestive complaints yearly on a global scale, it’s becoming more and more important to take care of the body. When it comes to digestion, most of this is going to take place in the gut.

The gut microbiome accounts for 70-80% of immune function, affects brain and emotional responses, and can lead to long term illnesses if not properly cared for. Today, most people’s diets consist of sugary and artificial food. 

This can be okay for most day to day function, but really wears away at the quality of digestive bacteria. It’s a poor diet alongside a lack of sunshine and movement that will lead to symptoms like diarrhea, indigestion, bloating, or the development of other illnesses.

Fortunately, there’s much one can do in response. There are lifestyle changes that will promote good health all around, things like eating less artificial and more nutrient-filled foods, spending time outside, and working out. Although there are more specific actions that can be taken as well.

Probiotics are positive bacteria that will colonize and change the gut microbiome and digestive tract into a more healthy state. It’s naturally found in fermented foods like yogurt but more importantly found in greater density in supplements. This offers a great alternative to those that cannot afford to change much in their life currently.

Regardless of the option chosen, it’s important to look after one’s own body. Year after year digestive complaints become more common, but there’s something available for everyone to try to keep that from happening or to alleviate what may already be happening.

 Why Probiotics are Necessary

Source: Nouri

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