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Transparent Glasses: Hop Onto the
Minimalist Eyewear Trend

Blue Light Glasses

Transparent frame glasses are the new black. This trend right here is where all the cool kids at. This style has been the rage among people ever since its inception but 2021 is clearly the peak of clear frame glasses. 

Whether you want them in retro styles or modern silhouettes, you will find these sheer beauties in different shapes and sizes. Even celebrities have hopped onto this trend and showing us ways you can rock these clear frames. 

If you are mesmerised by this hot and happening eyewear trend, we will tell you how you can style these glasses to take your look from drab to fab. So, let’s get into it. 

Why are transparent glasses so popular?

Blue Light Glasses

There is not a single reason why people are drawn to this trend. But one thing is for sure - these glasses put a fresh approach to classic frame styles. As minimalism in fashion is taking off, these glasses have seemed to found a huge audience that appreciates the understated appeal these glasses have.

Transparent glasses are a fun, fashion-forward accessory that can make a bold fashion statement if styled correctly. Many celebrities have hopped onto this trend, then why shouldn’t you. Here are some reasons why these glasses are sitting well with every generation. 

They go with literally everything

Styling clear frame glasses is as easy as it gets. The see-through frame makes it ridiculously easy to flow with any outfit. There are days when we don’t feel like building an outfit. For those lazy days, transparent glasses are a blessing. 

Even if you are in your sweats and tees, throw on a clear frame and your whole look will come together. As the frame is transparent, it won’t clash with the clothes you are wearing. Rather, it will give you a clean and modern look. 

They suit every skin tone

One more hassle that transparent glasses solve is that you don’t have to find frames that match your skin tone. If you feel tempted to choose a frame without considering your skin tone, you’ve found the right style. Not only tortoiseshell glasses but clear frames also suit every skin colour equally. 

The neutral aesthetics of these glasses make them a perfect match for every skin colour. But if you like your glasses to have a pop of colour, transparent frames are available in different light colours as well. From powder blue to blush pink, you can get these glasses in colours as well.

Freedom to try any frame style

Another reason why people are crazy about this trend is that transparent frames give them the freedom to experiment with different styles.

Since these glasses are not that attention-grabbing, you can easily dip your toes into bold frame styles that you were unable to do with noticeable frames. 

If you hesitate to try out quirky styles in oversized or geometric shapes, get them in transparent frames and have your moment with them.

How to style transparent glasses?

Although we have said that clear frames are easy to style, you need to take care of the basics to make sure these glasses work for you.

Choose for your face shape

Since glasses are the first thing people will notice when they look at you, they must be harmonising with your face shape.

Even if the frame is transparent, it can bring balance to your natural symmetry if you manage to land the right style.

  • Round face shapes look best behind angular silhouettes such as rectangle or square. They lend an edge to your curvy features and make you stand out. 
  • People with a square face shape should choose from round or oval glasses. They will soften the appearance of your strong jawline and prominent facial angles. 
  • If your face is shaped like a heart - widest around the cheeks with a pointy chin, the upswept style will bring width to the upper part of your face. Cat-eye glasses or browline frames are your best options. 
  • Those with an oval face shape can try out every style they want. Their perfectly balanced features are meant to go with every frame shape. 

Go for a lighter outfit

If you want your transparent frame to live its best life, pair them with light coloured outfits. Dark shades can steal the shine of your subtle glasses and people may not notice them. Since you have bought these glasses to get people to notice them, you are better off pairing them with light coloured outfits. 

But, if you have tinted glasses with a transparent frame, your outfit colour should be complimenting the tint. Use the colour wheel to know how to match different colours and create a put-together look. You can either go for complementing or contrasting colours to your frame. 

Heavy makeup is a no go

Transparent glasses are all about making a subtle fashion statement. Loud makeup can overshadow the simplicity of clear frame glasses.

Although fashion gurus will ask you to go bold on eye makeup to let them pop behind the frame, this rule is not something that goes for transparent glasses. Ditch the bold rep lipstick or smokey eyes and favour something simple and elegant. 

An overall clean look will ensure that the attention is not taken away from your clear frames. Moreover, it will add a playful and fun touch to your look. 

Dress for the occasion

How you should style your transparent frame depends on one more thing - occasion. Are you off to a cocktail party or attending a lecture?

If you are a student, go for conventional or modern styles in white see-through frames. It will help you build different outfits using the same frame. But, if you are the host of a party, seek warm tones in clear frames to appear more friendly and approachable. 

Similarly, if you are a fashionista, you can try out quirky or unusual silhouettes and designs. It will give you a creative edge and make you stand out from everyone else. 

Get on the trend

Transparent glasses are all that fashionable and chic right now. Get a pair for yourself and enjoy the perks of easy styling. Choose a frame that complements your face shape and create different styles using different outfits. 

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