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10 Major Tragedies in Life We’d All Rather Avoid

Tragedies in Life

How safe are you? According to research, we spend just eight minutes each day thinking about our well-being.

Even though it might seem like we're in complete control of our safety, there are still a wide range of circumstances that can befall us. The unfortunate thing is that some of these tragedies in life are completely avoidable.

With that in mind, we've decided to break down some of the top life misfortunes.

1. Untimely Death of a Loved One

Now this is a situation in which you and those around you likely have no control over. It makes death one of the greatest tragedies in life. There are still things you can do to help with the grief that will inevitably come.

It may be cliche but it's true: tell people you love them.

No one is guaranteed time on this earth and those here today may not be tomorrow. The last thing you would want is for that person to not know how much you cared for them and what they meant to you.

It takes only a few seconds but it will make a world of difference for you.

2. Divorce

Divorce is messy. There is property, courts, and possibly even children involved. The best option is to avoid it all together.

You could take the solution of just never getting married or find ways to proactively prevent this from happening. Issues such as lack of communication, infidelity, and differing views on the world are all cited as reasons why people divorce.

Find someone that shares the same values and opinions as you. Consistently work on your relationship and growing together as life happens. These will be ways in which you can prevent divorce.

3. Skin Cancer

Cancer is scary and there are number of reasons it can occur and types that cannot be prevented. Skin cancer, however, is easily preventable.

Tanning is fun and it looks good, but it won't look so good when you have to under go minor surgery to cut out tumors.

Do the easy thing and wear your sunscreen. Protect your largest organ. And if you're a person that hates the smell and feel of regular sunscreen try baby sunscreen.

4. Car Accident

Car accidents are terrible events. You have a damaged car, are possibly injured, and likely need a car accident lawyer in order to get just compensation.

The good news is that car wrecks are generally quite avoidable. Multiple prevalent reasons like distracted, drowsy, and drunk driving have simple solutions.

Limit distractions while driving and be aware of your surroundings so you know what other drivers are doing. Pull over if you feel drowsy and take a short nap. Do not drive while under the influence and stop those around you from doing so as well.

You can easily take steps to avoid this particular tragedy.

5. Debt

Debt, once accumulated, can be extremely difficult to get rid of. You should therefore take steps to limit the possibility for debt.

Simple financial advice like not spending more than you make or living within your means goes a long way. These will help keep you from spending more than you should and accumulating that debt.

If you do find yourself in debt, be proactive and work to pay it off and not let it continue to grow. Be attentive to your financial situation and work to live a life that is debt free.

6. Depression

This is one of the most common mental health issues in America with roughly 8.4% of adults having it. While it can be brought on by a number of factors beyond your control, there are ways in which you can make life better.

Simple things like daily exercise can help relieve some symptoms. Therapy and finding a supportive community will do wonders and help to change your outlook on life.

Find joy in the simple, mundane things of life and know that things aren't so bad.

7. Health Issues

They can come out of nowhere but at times can also be completely preventable. Health issues are just one of life's problems.

The good news is many of these are preventable by taking the same regular actions.

Moderate exercise multiple times a week. Eating a balanced diet. Taking supplemental vitamins and minerals for what you're missing.

These are all simple and effective ways to prevent health complications.

It is also a good idea to look into your family history and see what health patterns are there. Knowing the problems you may be susceptible to can help you take early steps to combat them.

8. Losing a Job

This is a difficult situation in which it can feel like the world is ending. There is so much uncertainty and the unknown is more invasive than ever.

While you may no be able to do anything about finding yourself in this mess, you can make the best of what is happening.

Take the experience you have from this job and find something similar or something new. Discover what could give you the perfect life you always dreamed of.

This is a wonderful time to start fresh and begin a new journey in life.

9. Drowning

Drowning is a painful way to kick the bucket and is often times avoidable. Don't put yourself in these risky situations.

Cave diving can be a really cool experience, but low light, narrow passages, and strong waves can create a dangerous environment quickly. Be cautious with your vacationing ideas.

The beach is fun and full of good times but in the ocean are rip currents. Know what to look for and how to get out of them. Make sure the people you are with know as well.

There are various steps you can take to overcoming this problem and putting yourself into safer situations.

10. Failing to Live Life to the Fullest

This is one of the greatest life problems you may face. You have so little time and you're failing to use it the best you can.

You're staying in patterns that don't grow you and leave you wanting more. You're letting each slip by into monotony where each one feels the same.

Discover what you love and chase after it. Pursue worthwhile goals that drive you. Don't let your full potential pass you by.

Avoid Life's Tragedies

There are so many tragedies in life. They can come out of nowhere and be difficult to understand.

Yet there are many instances in which these events can be planned for and prevented. Make sure you are prepared for big life events and be proactive now so you won't be caught off guard then.

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