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The Top 9 Skin Care Trends You'll Be
Obsessed With in 2022

Skin Care

In just a few years, we'll be living in a world of new beauty trends. In 2022, the 10 most popular skincare products will likely look different from what you're used to now. To help you prepare for these changes and figure out which ones are worth trying, here's a list of the top 10 skincare trends that will have us all obsessed in 2022!

· Milder Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are expected to remain a staple in dermatology and in the format office and spa. Skincare specialist believes less severe versions will also see a boost in popularity as it keeps the skin's barrier intact while providing exasperating relief. The milder chemical peels are expected to gain popularity by 2022 in the US. This peel focuses solely on swollen dendritic cells on the surface, leaving the epidermis [upper skin] alone.

· Microdosing

Microdose can be used to drop small doses of different acids, including glycol and others, as outlined in a skincare product description. Generally speaking, the treatment consists of taking little to no medications to prevent adverse effects. We know that things in excessive quantities can cause skin irritation, including excessive washing and exfoliating. Although this trend includes utilizing less nutrient-rich substances, this doesn't mean the products don't provide the desired outcomes.

· Increased Inclusiveness

Although beauty inclusion is hardly an infrequent trend, it is something that many industry leaders have noted as becoming increasingly important as the industry moves toward the New Year.

· Refillable packaging

In 2017-18, more than 7.3 billion rigid plastic units were manufactured in beauty and cosmetic products. So the cosmetics sector is having plastic problems as well. It may seem obvious 'zero waste' products can reduce a lot of single-use plastics in your skincare routine. More brands are introducing this game. Take Pharrell's human name for example. The emerald green humidity jar is equipped with a removable inner unit to pop off once you remove some of the final product.

· Fermented Skincare

Fermented products provide great protection for your skin. Recent findings show that fermentation is linked to anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. The Fermented Ingredient is currently popular with dermatologists for its ability for improving the potency and penetration of products, without irritating the skin. Despite further research being needed, it has not always been clear whether fermented ginseng has been effective at treating wrinkles.

· Grown-to-Order Beauty

The largest challenge faced by beauty companies as they deal with a global pandemic in 2020-2021 is its impact on production and supply chains. Middleton says many brands can address supply chain and overstock problems by moving towards more on-demand and manufactured-on-demand processes by 2022.

· Skin Barrier Repair

The next decade will be devoted to skin restoration. The solution can be as straightforward as moisturizing, using key ingredients such as carnitine, which work to maintain the skin barrier.

· Waterless Skin Care

Beauty buffs have increasingly prioritized products based around the eco-conscious theme resulting in an explosion of water-based beauty. In many cosmetics, clients are able to obtain concentrated ingredients that can be mixed into water to make it easier to use. The move is environmentally friendly as it reduces the shipment weight and allows for the product to last longer.

· Elevated Bath and Body Products

When you experience all this stress in 2020-2021, the best thing that can be done for you is to learn the importance of taking care of yourself. And for some, it meant investing in beauty routines for relaxation and health. In the wake of the turbulent times, we are all in, consumers are re-evaluating the products they are using as their own health 'treatment' to improve their skin.


There are a few key Skincare & Haircare Products trends that we can expect to see more of in 2022. While some of these trends have been around for a while, it is expected that they will become more important to the industry in 2022.

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