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Top 10 Football Clubs Owned by Billionaires

Billionaires these days have a wide range of fields to pour money into. Many of them opt to invest in the football industry and earn a huge budget from this potential business. The prospect of this close relationship between football and betting makes many people want to invest. Many bookmakers like Thabet are expanding their markets around the world. New football clubs were also formed, competing fiercely with the big clubs that were already established in the soccer arena.

Although the football clubs significantly depend on their owners, each team has its own way of managing. While the Mansour family strictly led Manchester City or the Qatari takeover of PSG, many let their team progress naturally at a comfortable extent of control.

Today, in this post, we would bring you the top 10 football clubs owned by billionaires. 

10 football clubs owned by billionaires

1. Hoffenheim – Dietmar Hopp

Dietmar Hopp

Many people do not realize the wealth behind Hoffenheim - the mainstay of the Bundesliga for roughly one decade. This club is owned by Dietmar Hopp which is the mastermind behind robust electronics corporation SAP. Hoffenheim has successfully ranked third in the league during the 2017-18 season and enjoys many remarkable moments in the Champions League.

2. OH Leuven – King Power Group


Many people assume that the King Power Group only pertains to Leicester City and their achievements in the Premier League. I bet that you do not know that OH Leuven - a Belgian football team is owned by that Thai family too. 

OH Leuven was saved from liquidation after Vichai - the King Power chairman died in a plane accident by the Srivaddhanaprabha family. From that till now, Leuven has always been in the top two of Belgian football. When returning to the 2020/21 season of Pro League, there are so many new opportunities for them. 

3. New England Revolution – Kraft Family

Kraft Family

The Kraft family, and Robert Kraft for specific, became wealthy with their food empire. It was founded in 1996. Although success has largely bypassed them, they have remained when many other sides have struggled to stay afloat over the past few years. They are also part of a giant network in the Boston area that also includes the New England Patriots in the NFL. 

4. A.C Monza – Silvio Berlusconi

Monza could finally step on the footballing map due to a recent purchase by a certain Silvio Berlusconi. Although Monza have never featured in Serie A, their presence in Serie B suggests that now could be the time that Berlusconi helps elevate the Lombardy side into the top clubs for the very first time in their existence.

5. Red Bull Bragantino – Dietrich Mateschitz

Dietrich Mateschitz

With the investment of Dietrich Mateschitz, the franchise of Red Bull - Red Bull Bragantino has reached its peak to be featured in the Brazilian Serie A. Thanks to the guidance of Redbull, many successful stories such as RB Salzburg and RB Leipzig have been heard, therefore attracting many investors to come to the spiritual home of football. 

Brazil league has no longer just remained the name of many traditional clubs like Palmeiras, São Paulo E Flamengo. In the future, it will be dominated by RB Bragantino since this club has many best young Brazilian football players that could totally change the status quo in South America.

6. Malaga – Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani

It is a matter of fact that Malaga’s success story proved that everything could go well even when things don’t go according to plan. After AI-Thani had poured money into Malaga in the last period of 2010, Los Albiceleste was forced to believe as if they are qualified to join the Champions League. 

However, there were some problems with their fortunes, Adelante left them. Issues surrounding Al-Thani’s fortunes and continuous involvement with the club have left the team standing on the brink of existing and shows that money doesn’t always bring success. 

7. Chennaiyin FC – Bachchan Family

The Bachchan family originates from Bollywood. Since Bollywood dominates all facets of Indian culture, it is understandable that the biggest corporation is involved with the football industry. Chennaiyin FC after the Indian Super League took place in 2014. Chennaiyin FC has already had its achievements – 2 ISL titles since the day it was established. 

Chennaiyin has a relation with the Indian wicketkeeper MS Dhoni – the cricket investor. It is a minor shareholder that assures that Chennaiyin would always be prominent in Indian football.

8. PFC Sochi – Boris Rotenberg

There are so many billionaires that set foot in the Russian football industry. Although the degree of success varies differently, each of them had a significant impact in making this industry become greater every day. 

Being the less prominent names among many robust investors, Boris Rotenberg finally invested successfully in local side Sochi, turning them into a top-tier team in Russia. Sochi has brought large profitability of investment to the local area and now call the impressive Fisht Olympic Stadium their home for many of their league games. Sochi’s success has been slow but steady, facilitating Rotenberg to finalize its project and earn a huge budget.

9. Forge FC – Bob Young

Bob Young

Since the Canadian get bored of only seeing the football team play in the MLS, the Soccer Association wants to bring a new breath to the Canadian sports industry. 

Being a local entrepreneur, software guru Bob Young together with the soccer Association established the Forge FC, making it one of the members of the Canadian Premier League. It is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Since the day it was formed, Forge FC have won two league titles. 

Together with CFL side Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Forge FC is proving Canadian football teams that there can be achievements occurring outside of the MLS by becoming one of the amazing football clubs owned by billionaires.

10. Sydney FC – David Traktor Venko

David Traktor Venko

Sydney has successfully expressed themselves in the A-league due to the support of Russian billionaire – David Traktovenko. Their names become steady when securing no less than 3 Grand Final wins in a period of 4 years from 2016-2020. Having previously been heavily related to Zenit St.Petersburg, Traktovenko knows what it takes to make a successful side and has continued this success down under with Sydney FC over the past decade. 


Nowadays, when casino online or online betting is becoming a trend for football viewers. Then football investing is a lucrative business, with billions in revenue that are earned thanks to broadcasting contracts and corporate sponsorship deals. Success in this business would also bring prestige. Moreover, it is a very reliable way to elicit goodwill from the public in general. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this game appears appealing to many wealthy men all over the world.

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