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Top 5 Dental High Technologies

The last decades in dentistry field were very fruitful in research and development as well as updating technologies. The progress in innovation has made the patient’s experience more enjoyable and facilitated the work for dentists and professionals. As a matter of fact, they’ve allowed a faster process, less appointments and more precision which made the healing process faster and easier. On the other hand, cosmetic dentistry has progressed that almost every dental problem became fixable.

Here are several new technologies that we’ll introduce and that you will find in the dental center for high technology in Montreal.

It is the acronym of Chair side Economical Restoration Ceramic. This technology works through computer-aided design and manufacturing. It provides high-quality restorations to be produced in one single visit to the dental clinic. Crowns, bridges and veneers can be imagined through CEREC technique. The procedure is less expensive than traditional restorations, laboratory-made ones. It is as well free from alginate-made impressions because these are made digitally. In addition, the intervention is performed in one appointment so no extra anaesthesia is required.

Cavity detection
Dentists often try to identify cavities that require a filling. If they were able to identify tooth decay when it is only affecting the enamel, it would probably be easier to stop and prevent the development of decay. On the other hand, it is important to avoid false positive which might lead to administrating an unneeded treatment. DIAGNOdent is a technology that allows early diagnosis of cavities as it spots the affected tooth fast and enables the control of decay evolution. This preventive detection procedure is totally painless and safe.

Digital dental impressions
Digital technology in dentistry field has made it easier to capture accurate impressions and avoid traditional messy impression materials. The image collected with digital impression can be visualized to the computer quickly. The iTero scanner has replaced the conventional process which can cause a discomfort to the patient and lead to an imprecise result. The scanner generates 3D images and can be easily manipulated by software. The patient would have a better experience and see how the treatment is progressing. iTero is used in the production of invisalign aligners, mouth guards as well as crowns, bridges and veneers.

Oral cancer detection
Oral cancer causes the death of almost one person per day in Quebec only. This disease is deadly and the chances of survival can only be improved through early diagnosis. Velscope is the technique that allows the detection of oral cancer at an early stage. The dentist can examine the mucosal areas and detect for any signs of cancer. The examination is fast pain-free and safe, the client wouldn’t feel any discomfort. The technology is based on florescent light which enables the detection of anomalies in cells that would appear darker than normal cells.

It is the acronym of Plasma Rich in Growth Factors. This technology enables human cells regeneration and is used in treating many injuries. The process is based on accelerating the rate of the normal healing process. In dentistry this technique is used in plant surgery, dental extractions as well as bone and gingival grafts. A pre-assessment is made to evaluate if the patient is fit for the treatment by taking a small amount of blood and assessing its plasma. This technology has several advantages. It enables fast healing; it is safe, easy to use and cost-effective. It also reduces the risk of infections, post-treatment complications and discomfort.

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