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How To Have Tooth Nerve Pain Relief
Permanently & Temporarily


If you are someone who has gone through tooth nerve pain then we feel sorry for you as we know how much of a pain it is. The question is, why do we get this pain? There is not a simple answer to that as it may vary from person to person. Genetic factor plays an important role, unhealthy diet could be another reason, or maybe an injury or an underlying condition. There are various causes.

Nonetheless, there is not much to worry about as we are here to tell you the best possible ways to eliminate tooth nerve pain, both permanently and temporarily. Bet you are excited to know about it all. So let us jump right into it.

Permanent Relief From Tooth Nerve Pain

There are two permanent ways in which you can eliminate your tooth nerve pain. Following are the two ways that you must go if you have unbearable pain:-

  1. Root Canal
    The root canal is the process in which the dentist takes out the painful nerve which means that the thing causing the pain is eliminated. So now, even if you have the teeth intact you won't feel the pain. This instant and permanent way of ending tooth nerve pain is highly received from patients all around the globe.
  2. Tooth Removal
    The second way to eliminate the tooth pain nerve permanently is tooth removal. This is a process in which your dentist takes out your whole affected tooth hence causing the pain to end. This process is performed under local anaesthesia hence it won't be painful. However, you may feel the pain from the process soon after the numbness is gone. Don't worry though, there are a lot of medications that may help. After all, the primary problem of the tooth nerve pain is gone.

Temporary Relief From Tooth Nerve Pain

The temporary way to reduce the tooth nerve pain can be applied from your home comfort as well. This means no extra money spent and you may have relief from the excruciating tooth nerve pain.

Use of Oral Tooth Pain Reliever
Gels like Anbesol the tooth nerve pain go instantly for a limited period of time. You can apply the gel at your home without much of a problem and you would be good to go for the time being. Another tip here for lose tooth nerve pain would be to tie a string of floss around your affected tooth after applying gels like Anbesol. Pull the floss as fast as you could and your tooth would be out of your gum in no time. This method might be a little painful but it sure does the trick for most people. Moreover, you could always have some pain killer pills to eradicate any time of pain for some time.


To conclude everything that has been started so far, many people are going through the same sort of tooth pain situation. As said earlier the reasons for that could be different and vary from person to person. The important thing is that there are ways you could completely eradicate your tooth nerve pain both permanently and temporarily. In the aforementioned article, you find all the necessary details.

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