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5 Tips to Help You Stick to Yoga Practice When on The Move

Yoga Practice

Trying to keep up with daily practice when traveling is tough. Sometimes you have to rearrange your schedule in order to fit in the routine and other times, you find yourself in a rush so as not to miss your daily practice. When you are not used to traveling and still practicing yoga, you might find the airport waiting times and train schedules to be very daunting. With time though, you learn to have a workaround that incorporates both traveling and practice. 61% of people do yoga to improve flexibility while 56% do it for stress relief. The key is to know the main reason why you do it. If you are looking for some tips on how to practice while traveling, we recommend the following five crucial tips...

Have a Simple Routine

Yoga Practice

The first vital issue you need to consider is having a routine that is simple enough to do at any time and anywhere. As a frequent traveler, you will have to comes to terms with the fact that your routines will need to be uncomplicated and dynamic. The great thing about yoga is that you can formulate any kind of routine and still manage to achieve your goals, all you just need is a space and a yoga mat from Pureful Yoga. The important thing when formulating a good routine is to drop the usual class routine if you are used to practicing with guidance. You can ask for some simple recommendations and create your routine with them.

Pop Into a Local Yoga Class Whenever Possible

Practicing yoga when on the move is also all about being dynamic and flexible. You do not need to be in your hometown in order to attend a yoga class. Nowadays, you can find yoga instructors and classes practically everywhere in the world. It is estimated that today, over 90% of people have an idea of what yoga is. All you need therefore is to look for local recommendations from authority sources. is one source that has some great recommendations when you want to find some places, workshops and holidays to practice.

Keep in Mind that Yoga Practice is Diverse

Yoga Practice

For most beginners, a mention of yoga practice conjures an image of someone sitting on a mat and doing some movements. This is not always the case though. It is not true that yoga is incomplete without some physical movements. Meditation is a huge part of yoga and you can do it anywhere and without any special equipment. If you know that you will be stuck in some place for a long time therefore, you can think about doing meditation or breathing exercises. There is much more to yoga than just asana.

Stay Focused

It is very easy to lose focus when traveling. There are many distractions and you might be tempted to abandon your routine. Regardless of the situation, you are in though, you should never compromise your practice. It is important to have a conscious effort to stay focused on your goals. You should also not make any excuses. You do not need to have everything working properly in order to practice. Sometimes, you can improvise whenever you are lacking some things. When traveling, you can use the different items you find in the hotels as replacements for straps, mats and other items. All you need to do is keep your mind trained on your goals.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

As much as focusing is crucial when traveling and doing yoga, sometimes it is okay to go easy on yourself especially when you have tried to do as much as you can. When traveling, you can only do much as the prevailing situations allow. You cannot, for instance, compare yourself to someone who has the luxury of attending a class every week. You should thus focus on doing as much as you can considering your reality. The most important thing to remember is that doing nothing at all is the only unacceptable recourse.


Yoga Practice

In short, it is indeed possible to maintain a yoga practice routine while on the move. The kind of routine you will have will nevertheless be modified and adapted to your schedule. Yoga in itself is a very flexible discipline that allows you to do different things for health and relaxation. The key to having the perfect combination of travel and yoga practice, therefore, is to be informed about the simple routines that are fit for travelers. The above points will go a long way in helping you stay on the practice while traveling.

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