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8 Health and Safety Tips for Seniors Living Alone

Seniors Living Alone

Living alone is the choice of many senior adults now-a-days but this independence brings with it, its own set of dangers. Besides declining health, such a person’s home is easy an target for robbery and burglary. Smart seniors take care of themselves and their property with some smart measures and precautions. The safest choice may be to live in a senior community. Let’s see what measures can keep our beloved seniors secured in their second innings.

1. Stay Physically Active

A senior person living alone should stay physically active as much as possible in order to protect themselves from injuries and aging health conditions that can hamper their livelihood anytime. Eating a healthy diet with all necessary nutrients, exercising as per one’s capabilities, walks, taking proper medication etc. will keep them physically active and healthy. And they’ll be self-sufficient to live alone.

2. Maintain the House

Now the house or apartment that the seniors live alone in should be properly secured. There should be proper fencing, all the entry doors and windows should be high on safety criteria, furniture should be properly arranged, and everything should be organized, floor should never be slippery in order to avoid falls. If you cannot do this on your own, take help from a family member, but don’t neglect these. It can always be an option to consider places like Assured Assisted Living since they can help you keep things clean while you focus on being healthy in your later years.

3. Install Alert System

An alert system for home security is a must for a senior person living alone. Even the smallest of their medical emergencies can become critical if not attended to and then there is the constant concern of trespassers. Alert systems with a panic button and instant contact settings can provide support from authorities during emergencies. Having an alert system even if you don’t use it is better than not having one when you critically need it. For example, these Verisure monitored alarm systems are a good choice.

4. Be Medically Prepared

Most seniors have deteriorating health conditions and suffer from at least one medical condition like diabetes, heart diseases, respiratory problems, etc. Whatever medication they take, there should be plenty of it at any point of time, running out of those medications is very risky. Along with that there should be availability of other regular medicines and first aid too. They should have all the required medical related devices that make their daily lives easier and better. creates custom solutions combining medical equipment and home modifications. Contacts of nearby hospital, emergency room or a doctor should also be kept handy.

5. Close Contact with Neighbors

Your neighbors are the ones who will reach to you earlier than the rest in case you need help. As they are able to see your surroundings, they can notice strange happening which may sometimes require attention of authorities. Also, you can use some company every now and then to prevent isolation. So, get to know your neighbors, try to keep in touch with the maximum if not all of them.

6. Routine Check Of A-Z

There are so many safety measures that you’ve taken to keep enjoying your independent life, but your medicine may have expired, the batteries of your smoke alarm may have gone dead, your bathroom floor may have gone slippery over time. That’s why it’s important to give a routine check of every aspect of your home security. Maintain a list of those measures and give them a weekly or monthly check depending on the need.

7. Daily Check-In

Have a family member or a neighbor that you have good connection with, check in on you daily and if you don’t respond they can visit to make sure everything is alright. If you think this is too much, imagine that if you fall and become unconscious, no one will ever know! Not a risk worth taking. A one- or two-minute conversation will not take over your independence, you’ll still be enjoying it while still being safe.

8. Connect Online

Given the current events, there has been a significant increase in internet activity with self-quarantining and social distancing. For seniors, it is extremely important to stay engaged in the community, as well as keep in touch with family and old friends in a time like this. Unfortunately, internet fees can get quite expensive, especially for those who are living on a fixed income or simply budgeting. That’s why the team at collected all the available discounts from the top providers for seniors looking to get connected — you can check it out here.

Living alone can be rewarding and peaceful but enjoying this freedom should not come at a heavy cost. Take these steps to keep yourself safe and live your life just the way you want. Take care.

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