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Food Tour: Tips on How to Organize a Food Trip

Local cuisine is a collection of ancient traditions that narrate the culture and history of the people. The aromas and flavors are often the best souvenirs of our trips. But there's a catch. It's not always feasible to set up an entire itinerary depending on the food and drink of destiny. At least for me, this kind of trip is still a dream.

Gastronomic trips or culinary tours are – in reality – a cultural itinerary filled with strategic stops to try that wine or dish so dreamed of without losing the focus of the trip, of course. It's an exercise in cutting and sewing: you need to stitch here and there to put all the pieces together and form a script without spending a fortune.

By the way, speaking of distances, gastronomic travel does not necessarily mean hundreds and hundreds of kilometers to taste a product. Most of the time, it's better to limit your displacements and explore one region at a time. And if time is short, why rule out a gastronomic trip in a single city? Anyway, gastronomic trips or culinary tours have to be remarkable and leave you wanting to go back to eat "that dish" again.

1. Start At The Beginning

If your trip is not exclusively of the eat-relax-eat type, you need to combine tourism with taste. For example, is your dream to visit the iconic Tuscan wineries and, at the same time, discover some historic cities you've never been to?

Start by choosing wineries and check out the most important cities you want to visit. If the distance is impractical, look for alternative wineries until you find the best combination between your taste and the itinerary. Then build the itinerary by adding tourist attractions, typical foods, famous wines, hotels, restaurants, and bars. And divide the available days, considering the time spent with the displacements.

2. Before Disembarking, Read About Local Cuisine

The focus of a good gastronomic trip should be the local cuisine. Of course, anything is possible, but setting up a gastronomic tour in Alsace, if you hate cabbage, stewed meat, and strong spices, gets a little complicated. You risk returning home without trying the iconic dishes of destiny.

To avoid disappointment, look for reliable information, not necessarily in Portuguese. Explore and leave behind the famous lists with the famous five dishes that everyone already knows and that, many times, are not even typical of the region you are going to visit. Choose experts such as industry bloggers, articles written by local chefs, magazines, and books about the region's cuisine. Don't land in Italy thinking you'll find pepperoni sausage with onions.

3. Leave Each Monkey On Its Branch

When you know almost nothing about the local cuisine, the risk is to eat risotto in Palermo or spaghetti with seafood in the Dolomites in the middle of winter. Every monkey on its branch. On your gastronomic trip, prefer local products and dishes and eat risotto when going to Turin or Milan.

4. Don't Forget That "Those In A Hurry Eat Raw And Hot"

Eating well takes time and peace of mind. If you're going to spend a day in Milan, for instance, skip the Franciacorta tasting tour to try the wines that are on the crest of the wave. Choose an iconic typical dish for your only meal in town and choose a restaurant that prepares the recipe following tradition. In this case, a gastronomic meal is better than a gastronomic trip.

5. Visit Open Markets And Markets

Want to know the most important tip on how to organize your gastronomic trip? Simple: never forget to include a tour or a pit stop at open markets and markets. It's a journey on a journey, the right place to find local producers, specialties you can't even imagine, and good prices.

If you have rented an apartment, get in touch with local life, buy it and take it to eat and drink calmly. Enjoy your food!

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