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5 Tips to Maximize Your Efforts in the Gym

Though summer days tend to bring people outdoors, there are still a lot who prefer to sweat it out at the gym instead of at home in the backyard. Wherever you decide to get your move on, chances are you are wanting fool-proof results with the least amount of effort. Not that you aren’t willing to put in the time or work, but it is so much nicer when things are a little easier. Especially when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape. Getting started is the first step, and if you’ve conquered that battle, here are some key tips to take your fitness efforts to the next level.

Jumpstart Your Central Nervous System

Whether you turn to an energy drink or a cup of coffee, giving your body some caffeine prior to a workout will help stimulate your central nervous system. For this tip to be effective, you need to have consumed the drink a minimum of 30 minutes before you start to sweat. The caffeine boosts performance in your nervous system, generally helping delay fatigue throughout your muscles and around the body. There is some research that says caffeine will also improve the perception of enjoyment with your exercise routine.

Have a Workout Plan

Don’t just head to the gym and move from equipment or routine aimlessly. Before you ever get out of the car, have a plan for what you are going to do and how long before you move the next piece of equipment. Personal trainers help overcome this listlessness and downtime, but you can set up your own routine before you get to the gym and be just as effective. You should always have a plan B or a flexible mentality, since a machine may not be available when you planned. Have a backup exercise of just work around the delay, making sure to come back to it at the end.

As easy as it sounds. Suppose the press machine you were planning to include is not available for some reason. In that case, you could consider including a cable crossover machine with a variation of that exercise you were to execute.

Get In Your Groove

People are motivated by different things, and it may take some extra encouragement to put some extra pep in your step. A workout playlist is generally a mood lifter for most people, though some prefer to listen to podcasts as a way to count down the minutes or pass the time more mindfully. However you decide to find your groove, realize that you have unique needs when it comes to motivation. Some people are intimidated by a personal trainer pushing them or setting high expectations, while others need the camaraderie of the spin class to help them keep coming back and leaving it all on the bike. For you to be comfortable and energized while you are at the gym, get in a groove. When you find your rhythm mentally, it is a lot easier to stick to the physical demands of a fitness routine. 

Include Stretching in Your Plan

It is important to warm up before engaging in any rigorous activity, and if you want to take advantage of this time, opt for dynamic stretches. Instead of holding a stretch in one place, use dynamic stretches with range of motion actions to slowly raise your heart rate and body temperature. The deeper you get into your stretches, the more your body begins to loosen up muscles and prepare for more taxing activity. With several different poses and stretches, you also give your body extra strengthening benefits.

Don’t Ignore Strength Training

The weight room can be a bit scary for the fitness newbie, but you need to swallow those fears and head on inside. Strength training is as much about building strong muscles to prevent injury as it helping improve your bone density and postural support. When your muscles are stronger, you can do a lot more with your fitness efforts safely. Suffering an injury can set you back several weeks, making it harder to get your motivation back once your body heals. However, strength training is important to reduce muscle loss - a natural decrease that comes from aging. When muscle mass is lost, it also affects your metabolism. This creates more problems with your overall health. Strength training can do a lot to alleviate the risks of osteoporosis, fractures, cardiovascular disease, and high cholesterol.

With these tips, you can take your workout to the next level. No more dreading your trip to the gym. With enough effort, results are on the way.

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