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3 Must-Know Work Safety Tips to
Make the Workplace Safer

Safer workplace

Workplace safety is more important and more complicated than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we look at and ensure safety for many work environments.

While office employees are able to stay home and social distance, there are many other jobs that don't allow for remote work. So how do you keep your employees safe from all the hazards around them?

Check out these work safety tips to help make your workplace as safe as possible.

1. Implement COVID-19 Safety Measures

The coronavirus pandemic has made safety precautions a whole new issue as employers strive to keep everyone healthy and safe.

The more measures you take now, the less the pandemic will affect your business in the long run. Safety measures to implement in the face of COVID-19 include:

  • Personal Protective Equipment such as masks
  • Plexiglass or plastic particians
  • Social distancing office design
  • Extra cleaning and disinfecting protocol
  • Temperature and health surveys

There may be other things your business can put in place to help keep staff and customers safe during the pandemic, such as conducting more business transactions online.

Many businesses are allowing their workers to work remotely when possible. Others are having them work rotating shifts so that they can safely socially distance from each other in areas with limited space.

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2. Build an Occupational Health and Safety Team

Most businesses have an occupational health and safety team. If you don't have one, you should. When you have in-house experts looking out for and correcting safety issues within the workspace, you can rest assured that your people are safe at all times.

Weekly or monthly inspections can be put in place to help ensure there is nothing posing a risk or causing a hazardous work environment.

This may include checking for:

  • Tripping or falling hazards
  • Unsafe or dangerous equipment
  • Electrical and chemical hazards
  • Inadequate or improper lighting

Workplace health and safety is about just that -- keeping everyone in your business as safe and healthy as possible.

Even better, put a Safety Ambassador Program in place. This can help make safety a positive and proactive thing rather than something only brought up when there's a problem.

3. Run a Work Safety Tips Contest

Why not make safety at work something everyone thinks about? Have a contest where employees can submit work safety tips to win a prize for the most innovative idea.

This can be a treasure trove of ideas to help you improve your business operations. You may not even be aware of some of the issues or concerns your staff have. Getting everyone involved in safety helps bond your team and lets them know you care about them and their views.

Workplace Safety Is Everyone's Issue

Keeping your workplace safe involves putting COVID-19 protection measures in place and building an in-house health and safety team. Plus, you can have everyone come up with and be a part of the work safety tips you use to make your premises as safe as possible.

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