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Tips to Find Online Therapy That Takes Insurance

Find Online Therapy That Takes Insurance

While online therapy which typically consists of counseling for mental health issues over the phone is not a new concept, insurance companies have yet to expand their policies to cover the cost of sessions.

Online therapy offers multiple benefits with patients being able to receive healthcare from the comfort of their home or office. As the benefits of this form of treatment become more evident, many insurance companies are coming forward with options that cover a spectrum of telehealth services.

Since the costs of monthly subscriptions might be out of reach for some families, online therapy that takes insurance stands out and makes it easier for patients to access the care that they need.

In reality, out of the scores of online therapy services in the market, most are not in-network for some reason or the other. This article will give you tips to determine the best online therapy companies that accept insurance.

As a rule, if you have insurance, there is every likelihood that you will find an online therapy provider that will take your plan. That said, the exact coverage will depend on certain factors like:

  • The type of your insurance plan
  • The therapist you choose
  • The state regulations where you reside

You can begin by searching the website of the mental health app you want to use to see which insurance companies they work with. Additionally, you can call up the office of the therapist you want to work with and verify which insurance plans they accept.

Finally, a call to your insurance company will confirm whether you have coverage for online therapy and the copayments or coinsurance costs you have.

Some of the best companies that offer online therapy include:

Talkspace (Best subscription)


Average cost $69-$109/week

Talkspace works directly with most major insurance providers such as Cigna, Premera, Optum, Gatocare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna.

While Talkspace accepts multiple insurance plans and is considered a workplace benefit by some employers, it is also available without insurance.

MDLIVE (Best for individual appointments)


Average cost $108-$284 initially: $108 for follow up appointments

MDLIVE is good for acute medical urgent care, apart from dermatology consultations and accepts insurance from most major insurance providers.

You can use MDLIVE to speak with a therapist on phone or online. The platform will assist you in matching the right psychiatrist or therapist for you.

Amwell (Best for prescriptions)


Average cost $109-$129 per appointment

Compared to other telehealth services like Talkspace etc that specialize in online mental health care, Amwell offers a wider range of services from mental health therapy to urgent care.

Most employers and health insurance companies cover visits to Amwell, or atleast a portion of them as a benefit in your coverage. If you don't have health insurance or if your employer doesn't cover Amwell, you can still pay out of your pocket to avail of Amwell services.

Doctor on Demand (Best for working with a full care team)

Doctor on Demand

Average cost $129-$299 per appointment

You can check your eligibility in the Doctor in Demand app as they work with many major insurance plans. Depending on the result the platform will then match you with the right therapist.

While the app can address a wide range of concerns, it specializes in anxiety, depression, postpartum depression, trauma, loss, substance misuse and relationship concerns.

Teladoc (Best for video appointments)


Average cost $99-$299 without insurance depending on the care you need

While Teladoc also accepts many major insurance service providers, you can create your own account to determine if your insurance is accepted. You can also use your health savings plan(HSA) and flexible spending account (FSA) to avail of some of the services offered by Teledaoc.

It is an exceptional platform for those with a busy lifestyle or those who do not prefer in-person clinic visits. You can use Teledaoc for non-emergency health problems like cold, flu, allergies or sinus infections aa well as long-term care from a primary physician.

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