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Thyroid Removal Surgery

Thyroid Removal Surgery

5 important questions that your doctor should answer before you go for thyroid surgery 

Thyroid surgeries are the solution when you have lymph nodes that need to be removed in the form of thyroid. The thyroid will especially have to be removed if it is hyperactive and could make conditions conducive to thriving of cancerous conditions. When planning to get thyroid surgery, you need to be alert to every detail which means arranging for a meet-up with the doctor. Find out some of the useful questions you need to be asking your doctor before you proceed to get thyroid removal surgery today.

1. What thyroid surgery option will be used?

There are different types of surgery that can be used based on the size of the thyroid that needs an operation. Should the doctor have to remove the lymph nodes from the thyroid, the ideal operation method to use would be the conventional one. For however minor thyroid surgeries that do not involve the removal of lymph nodes, minimal-access surgery might be the right option. Robot-assisted surgeries are the options where robotic systems are remotely controlled by the doctor as small instruments are inserted under your arm via an incision. It may however not be ideal for patients with thyroid cancer that has spread to different areas of the body.

2. How much thyroid will be removed?

The size of the thyroid to be removed largely depends on whether it is an overactive thyroid or not. It can also be determined by the size of the gland and its effects for instance swallowing, talking, and even breathing. In such situations above, the whole thyroid may have to be removed through total thyroidectomy. Should only half of the thyroid cause you stress and pain, only the affected half will have to be removed. Thyroids are only wholly removed when they are a threat to your body for cancer spread however you can discuss this with your doctor before making a decision.

3. Are there any known risks of thyroid surgeries?

Almost all types of surgeries have a certain element of risk and complications could easily surface without the right planning. Some of the complications include internal and external bleeding besides the risks of catching an infection. Some of the main risks involved with thyroid surgeries include vocal cords nerves impairment, parathyroid glands impairment, and even cause hoarseness. Your doctor should be able to take you through the different types of risks you stand to face by choosing to proceed with the thyroid surgery as planned.

4. Does the surgery leave scars behind?

There are different types of thyroid surgeries as you already know including conventional, robotic, and even minimal-access surgery. For most of these surgeries, scarring will be determined by the size of the incision that will be made and where exactly it is made. By resolving to get a small but long incision, patients can give the surgical team the right balance of cosmetic results and also augment the safety and success of the surgery.

5. How many surgeries can be done in a year?

For most doctors, the more the number of thyroid surgeries they manage in a year the more expert they become. This means hiring an expert doctor can reduce your chances for complications unlike going for a doctor who has fewer thyroid operations in a year. Doctors who do more than 25 thyroid surgeries annually are best set to have successful operations with their clients. Doctors that however do less than 25 surgeries each year can have a higher chance of 50% complications in the operations they manage.

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